Chill Out with a Pool Chiller

It may be difficult to imagine needing a chiller in your pool at this point in the winter season but, it is something to start researching if you are having a pool built for this upcoming summer. We have to face it, it’s getting harder to cool down in the soaring summer time temperatures. Pool chillers are the perfect answer to uncomfortably warm swimming pools.

Why get a chiller?

Not only will your pool be refreshing during those hot summer months but your pool water chemistry will be easier to maintain.  A 10 degree drop in water temperature (95′ to 85′) can result in a savings of 20-25% on chemical consumption. Spend more time enjoying your cool & refreshing pool all summer long with a swimming pool cooling system (AKA: a ‘chiller’)!

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So, how does a pool chiller work?

The pool water circulates through the system, as airflow removes the heat from the water instantly. The chilled water is pumped back into your pool, giving you a refreshing and comfortable feeling while swimming during the hot summer days.

HavinNew Orleansg a pool chiller seem unnecessary? Here are some other tips!

  • Plan ahead and add a waterfall to your pool design. Here’s why! It’s just science: moving water stays cooler than still water. Also, adding air to the water will help in the cooling process as well. During the design process, keep this in mind!
  • Run your filter at night when the air is cooler. This will help the water to evaporate, thus making your pool a bit more refreshing in the morning.
  • Surprise! Your pool heater may be a chiller too! Heat pumps use a refrigerant to maintain a specified swimming pool water temperature by running either heating or cooling cycles. That means, some heat pumps can be reversed to actually cool down your swimming pool.


A note about pool finishes and the size of your pool chiller:

Some pools might experience less cooling effects if they have pebble, quartz, tile or dark plaster finishes. If this is your case, you may opt to go up one size when purchasing a chiller. The right size chiller for your pool should decrease the pool water temperature 10-15 degrees in 12 to 14 hours on average (residential pools).

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