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pool coverHow to keep your pool cleaners from getting all tangled up. Pool cleaners are really good at their jobs, they clean our pools so we don’t have to break our backs doing it ourselves. Although, they can get tangled in their own cords causing them to lack good performance in cleaning our swimming pools.

Premier Pools and Spas is going to help you find out the best way to untangle and keep your pool cleaners cords from tangling up again. When pool cleaners get all tangled up, they stop cleaning the pool and it’s a hassle all together with a dirty pool and tangled cords.

A tangled pool cleaner cord isn’t the end of the world and there is a solution to every problem. Let’s take a look at what are some things you can do to keep your pool cleaner from getting tangled up.

If you’re dealing with tangled hoses or power cables the best thing to do is disconnect them and stretch them out as far as they go. It’s also best to do this on a warmer day, as the sun helps create a solid cable and stop the cords from curling up and creating more tangles.

Pool preparation

The hose that causes the most problems by tangling up is a hose that is too long for your pool. You want a hose that gives a little slack but having too much causes more tangles. When you have too much of the hose in your pool it tends to float, that along with the circulation in the pool, the hose tangles all on it’s own. You can trim the hose down so it’s the right length to reach around your swimming pool but, remember that too much slack causes it to tangle in itself.

The hose and swivel connectors are one of the most common sources for tangles. Over time these connectors can become stiff. Which prevents the hose from turning like it’s supposed to. When it doesn’t turn, tangles can easily form. If this is the source of the problem, you can stretch out the hoses as much as you want and they will return back to normal.

For an alternative solution you can also add more swivels onto your hose. If you know where the tangles are you can try adding a swivel to that location. This will give your hose even more play so it has room to move without getting tangled.There’s also the fact that mother nature can affect the way the hoses and cables move and tangle. They’re more likely to tangle up when it’s colder outside.

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