Pool ownership can be immensely exciting. But maintenance of cool, clear, and inviting waters can pose a challenge. The correct know-how could certainly make your challenge less daunting and more satisfying. Several specialized devices, chemicals, and appliances can help you simplify the task of pool maintenance.

So take stock of your pool cleaning supplies before you begin. This write-up lists the essential supplies your pool cannot do without!

Pool Skimmers

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Leaf litter, insects and bird droppings may fall into your pool from time to time. These items float on the surface for some time before sinking. Once they sink, they may seep into your filtration system clogging the filters. Pool skimmers help to clear the surface of an unwanted litter. This keeps the water clear and prolongs the life of your filters. Pool skimmers come with telescopic poles that differ in length.

Poles made of aluminum or fiberglass are on offer with a host of pool cleaning supplies for improved cleaning! You can choose between poles suitable for pools in the ground or above the ground.

Leaf Nets

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Is your pool blessed with beautiful natural surroundings? Tree cover usually ensures that leaf litter is aplenty. A leaf net helps you remove floating debris swiftly daily. It comprises of a mesh net and a telescopic pole. You also need a leaf rake that can allow you to scoop up debris from the floor of the pool. The latter has a deeper mesh net.

Pool Brushes

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Every now and then you might want to scrub the floor and the walls of the pool to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. This gets rid of stains and murky films coating the tiled or vinyl surfaces. It removes dirt, germs and algal growth. This would have made the water turbid, the walls slimy and the floor slippery.

Brushes are usually made of plastic or stainless-steel bristles. Specially designed brushes help you reach the corners and steps. Make sure that steel-bristled brushes are used only for concrete or tiled pools. Plastic bristles are best suited to vinyl pools. Thorough brushing and scrubbing once a week should be perfect to maintain your pool’s health.

A Vacuum Head and Hose

The best way to get rid of dirt in your pool is to vacuum it. The basic accessories you need for vacuuming your pool are a vacuum head and a hose. The head can be attached to a telescopic pole and lowered into the pool. Then a vacuum hose is connected to it and one end is plugged into a suction hole or vacuum line. Water and debris will be sucked into the filter pump basket through the vacuum hose in a jiffy! After you finish you must clean the basket and filter with water. Set up a routine timetable to vacuum your pool and you will marvel at the results.

Every pool owner dreams of sparkling blue water. But it takes a little planning as well as a bit of hard work along with a good filtration system to achieve it. The right pool cleaning supplies can help you meet the result you desire!

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