How Should I Start Designing My Pool?

Building a pool seems like a huge task — because it is! Searching “pool companies near me” will undoubtedly result in an array of different companies, but Premier Pools and Spas are the pool experts you’ve been looking for. When building a pool there are fundamental questions you will need to ask yourself that are crucial to pool building: What size pool do I want? How deep will my pool be? What shape will my pool be? These are all questions that your pool contractor will help you answer, but it’s great to be ahead of the game before you start searching.

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What size pool do I want?

The size of your pool is usually determined by three main factors: intended use, budget, and the size of your backyard. Additional features, whether functional or decorative, will also play a role in the size of your pool.

If you have children, consider that pool use actually decreases when they hit their teenage years. If you have any older family members living with you, they may enjoy pool exercises. Also, everyone from children to the elderly to persons with disabilities can benefit from having a slope, or beach, entry, instead of steps. Beach entries require additional overall pool length, so keep that in mind.

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How deep will my pool be?

Most pools have a shallow end that ranges from 3-4 feet and a deep end that ranges from 5-9 feet. Recently however, a lot of buyers are opting for two shallow ends with the deep part in the middle. This offers more room for children to safely stand and play.

If exercise is important, your pool is going to require a depth of at least 4 feet to safely kick and turn in your pool. And remember, exercise doesn’t just mean swimming laps; games like water polo and volleyball are very popular. These also benefit from two shallow ends.

If you plan to dive in your pool, you need a minimum of 8 feet. It’s also important to note that the deeper the pool the higher the cost, not just in overall build but maintenance as well.

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What shape will my pool be?

The shape of your pool can be unique or uniform. Features — whether decorative or functional — will probably determine the shape. Every fire pit or waterfall requires configuration, especially when working with limited space. If you just want to do laps in your pool, a curvy shape probably isn’t for you.

Keep the architecture of your home in mind. Some pool shapes will just not look right with certain homes. Have a pool shape in mind before you contact anyone. This will help your builder get an idea of the style that’s right for you.

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Premier Pools and Spas

Do all pool companies near me offer the same things? Maybe, but the exceptional customer service you get with Premier Pools and Spas is undeniable. Premier will have you saying, “It doesn’t matter how many pool companies are near me.”  Premier helps you get the pool of your dreams without going over budget or sacrificing luxury. Contact us today to start building your oasis!

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