If you’ve chosen to install a pool in your Houston backyard, for your enjoyment or as an investment geared towards increasing your property’s value, your thoughts have definitely turned to pool construction costs. You might have also started the process of checking out different custom inground pool companies near you. As you begin to get quotes from these builders you’ll fast discover that the pool’s final cost is just a part of the overall pool construction costs.

Pool Construction Costs

Variables affecting pool construction costs

You’ve decided you want to construct a swimming pool; the next move is to take a look at the different variables that can go into calculating figuring pool construction costs. The following are the things you need to think about:

  • Safety add-ons can be useful, particularly if you have kids.
  • The pool’s placement can add to the cost.
  • The area that you reside can, unexpectedly, increase (or reduce) pool construction costs.
  • You might want to incorporate additional features both inside the swimming pool and on the decking.
  • Shape and size will impact the final cost as well.
  • You also need to think about energy costs, regular maintenance, and pool service. You should cover these after the swimming pool is operational.
  • Efficiency features can reduce operating expenses though they add to the initial cost.

How Much Will it Cost to construct an inground pool?

The starting point in determining pool construction costs is figuring out which kind of swimming pool you require.

Gunite pools are the best choice for those who are serious about inground pool installation on their property.

Pool Construction Costs

Why? These inground pools are the most flexible, and the most durable option. You can select just about any design or shape.

These pools have a rebar frame that our pool experts will spray with a mixture of cement and sand. The process offers more flexibility and more durability with shape and design.

Once you settle on the depth, size, type, and shape the of the swimming pool, you should then think about the costs involved in its proper and safe use, together with its maintenance and care. It’s easy to overlook these specific aspects in the initial budgeting process; however, they also need consideration and become a part of your pool construction costs:

  • Pool covers
  • Filtration systems and pumps
  • Ladders, diving boards, ladders, and slides
  • Pool supplies and chemicals
  • Heating systems

While some homeowners tend to DIY to reduce or save some immediate costs when it comes to the overall expenses, the investment in the best Premier Pools, Houston pool builders will save you frustration/aggravation and time. This will let you and your loved ones to start having fun in your swimming pool sooner. You’ll also have the reassurance that all aspects of pool building are complete and up to standard.

Pool Construction Costs

It’s Time to Get Your Own Backyard Oasis!

If you’ve more questions about Pool Construction Costs, contact the professionals at Premier Pools & Spas of Houston today! We’ll show you design choices and help plan the perfect backyard oasis. Our professionals will make sure that you’re happy with your pool installation.

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