Creating a Dream

The steps leading up to creating your dream backyard can be tricky without the proper guidance. Our Palm Desert pool contractors can help you take every necessary step to ensure that your backyard is everything you visualized for your own private sanctuary. When finally creating your pool, you must keep in mind that this is a major investment and isn’t some quick and easy process. All things need to be taken into consideration, especially your budget. However, once you have completed each step, you will be left with a brand new backyard oasis that is safe and enjoyable, keeping you happy and satisfied for many years to come.

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Pool Designing

Many people find designing their new backyard to be fun. You can mix and match all the ideas you have or would like to include and pick out exactly what you want to fight that right fit that catches your eye. Our Palm Desert pool contractors and designers will help you find what is affordable and based on the given space, what all you can include. You can choose everything from the type of tile around the border of the pool, to adding things like a waterfall, walk-up bar, or even a pool house.

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What Shape and Style Would You Like?

Choosing the shape of your pool requires you to keep in mind how much space you have available in your backyard, and how deep you would like it to be. There are tons of options to choose from when shaping and styling your pool. Our Palm Desert pool contractors can help you find the right shape and style you want. The choices consist of building a linear pool, free form pool, in ground pool, above ground pool, tiled or painted, concrete or fiberglass composite, gunite, and many many more. After you have chosen your shape and style, our Palm Desert pool contractors will then offer you a recommended type of material that fits with the poolscape you’re aiming for. The materials range from natural stone, glass tile, elaborate mosaic tile, etc.

Pool Features

Pool features are definitely recommended by our Palm Desert pool contractors to help you achieve the maximum enjoyment out of your new backyard. Water features can include adding a waterfall, walk-up bar, pool light, spa, underwater benches, and even water jets. Depending on how you use your pool will ultimately decide on what kind of water features you should add.

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Backyard Features to Keep in Mind

Your ideal poolscape can help you decide on any features you would like to add to your backyard. Our Palm Desert pool contractors can help you add a pool house, gazebo, fire pit, outdoor kitchen & shower, or even some play equipment for the children.

Build a Pool with Premier Pools & Spas!

For the past 30 years, Premier Pools & Spas has been active in the pool building community. Over 75,000 pools have been built in that time. Our highly experienced Palm Desert team is made up of pool builders who have built both traditional and free form pools. Our award winning PHTA staff has a combined total of 150 years of experience in pool building and contracting. Palm Desert has the only swimming pool showroom in the entire region. Contact us today!