Pool covers are necessary for pool owners in Vacaville who want to simplify their lives. They ensure the pool stays clean when you close it for the winter season. This means cleaning will be easy and much less work when you need to open the pool. And while their main work is to protect your pool water from debris, that’s not all they can do. These pool cover options permit efficient filtration, reduce the loss of water, decrease chemical use, and improve heat retention. If you want to know more about the different pool cover options and how to select the perfect one, read on.

 pool cover options

Winter pool covers:

Winter covers are great for keeping debris out of your pool, particularly since they are created from non-porous solid material.

These pool cover options cannot support lots of weight. This will include everything from a wandering animal to heavy downpour. Because of this, it’s important to have some type of enclosure or fence around your pool.

When it comes to maintenance, be ready to empty out excess pool water from time to time. To do this, you need to use a bucket or submersible pump.

You should know that these covers are the most economical covers on the market. So if you’re on a tight budget, consider a pool winter cover.

Automatic pool covers:

An automatic cover is often installed permanently in place. You can cover and uncover your pool with a push of the button. These pool cover options come in various types, many of that you can use year-round. Their sturdier design seal prevents unwanted things and makes it hard for anyone to fall in accidentally. In addition, they also keep the pool warm and reduce evaporation.

 pool cover options

Mesh and solid covers:

For enclosed pool season, these are the most popular. They keep debris out of the swimming pool, offer good protection, and are affordable. You should secure this pool cover by installing anchor points around the pool area. The anchor points are little and not very recognizable. This is a good cover for closing the pool since it minimizes effective sunshine which that restricts algae growth. Restricting algae growth will decrease the amount of cleaning and cost, which usually occurs when reopening the pool. This kind of cover can’t be easily taken on and off. For this reason, it’s not great for daily use but good to close the pool with.

Solar pool covers:

While these are not often used for the same purposes as the other covers, they are still worth discussing. The main function of a solar pool cover is not to “shield” the pool, but rather to insulate your pool. This cover works by creating this a barrier, which shuts in heat and in minimizes evaporation.

These covers are low-cost and great for pool owners who want to enhance their pool’s heat retention. They also work best to reduce water loss.

 pool cover options

Need More Advice on Pool Cover Options?

Premier Pools & Spas of Vacaville has worked with swimming pool of all sizes and shapes! We would be glad to help you select a pool cover, which is great for your backyard pool. Contact us and get professional advice on any pool questions you might have.

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