Getting a pool cover for your Gulf Coast family’s pool is very important for ensuring it stays in great condition.  Another important thing is keeping also your family safe, and keeping your swimming pool from requiring expensive repairs.

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Pool covers are good for various reasons, but mainly since they can prolong your season. Particularly with today’s technology, a pool cover will effectively retain the heat to ensure your pool water does not get very cold. You need to know the different designs, as each one comes with unique functions.

Here’s a closer look at each type of pool cover,

Automatic covers

It is the simplest cover to use. Not only do automatic pool covers provide amazing benefits, but they are also costly than other types. Just with the push of a button you can easily open and close these pool covers. Best of all these pool covers can hold a lot of weight, which makes them safe for the entire family. They are also easy to get on and off and do not need a lot of effort.

Solar pool covers

These use the suns energy to produce heat for your swimming pool. Solar covers often float freely on the surface of your pool. They are made primarily for heating the pool and extending your pool season. These covers don’t effectively keep debris out of your pool and must not be considered a safety cover. Another disadvantage of these solar covers is that rainwater for instance, together with some debris will build up on the cover. This might weigh down on and damage the pool cover. You should frequently clear unwanted clutters from these covers.

Winter covers

These are used mostly for winterizing pools. Winter covers are also solid, which makes them more durable and can withstand the harsh winter condition.

Pool Cover

Thermal covers

Thermal covers are good at minimizing evaporation, which then prolongs your pool season since it insulates the pool water. Prolonging your pool season is something you are seeking when considering the kind of pool cover you require. Thermal covers are also great at keeping any unwanted debris out of the swimming pool, so helping to keep the pool clean.

Mesh covers

Mesh covers are good at filtering most debris like fallen branches and dry leaves. These covers allow water to pass through. This is great since it means that water won’t build upon it. This can also be bad since it means that minuscule dirt particles will still enter the swimming pool.

Pool Cover

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