Why Have an Automated Pool Cover?

Water conservation, safety, pool cleanliness, energy efficiency and convenience are all benefits of having an automatic pool cover for your swimming pool Fresno CA. A pulley system uses motor driven action that will pull you vinyl cover over the pool. The push of a button or turn of a key enables you to efficiently cover your pool.

Pool Cover: Swimming Pool Fresno CA 1Cover Benefits

1. Pool safety is a crucial element when owning a pool, especially if there are young children around. Fences and pool alarms can be great preventative measures but a pool cover can be an added safeguard. Since pool covers are strong and durable they offer the highest safety measure from children and pets falling in. A key is recommended to ensure no button pushing kiddos are able to engage rolling up the pool cover. Although the automatic pool cover will hold some weight, it is not suggested for recreational play. Make sure children know to avoid the area as if there was no pool cover.
Note: However great physical barriers are, there is no better barrier than adult supervision. It is never recommended to leave small children unattended near a pool.

2. U.S Department of Energy states that 70% of water loss in pools is attributed to evaporation. A pool cover prevents so much loss. With a pool cover it is said that water loss is decreased by 95%.

Pool Cover: Swimming Pool Fresno CA 2

3. Another benefit of a pool cover for your swimming pool Fresno CA is energy efficiency. A pool cover can help extend the use of your pool into the cooler months. By trapping in heat your heater does not need to use as much energy maintaining a comfortable swimming temperature. Cut costs down by keeping the warmth in! A pool cover may lower your heating costs by up to 70%.

4. By using an automatic pool cover you block out any dirt ensuring your swimming pool is consistently clean. Even if you do not use your pool cover all day, the time your pool is exposed to debris is significantly cut down. A pool cover is a friend to your pool’s filter making sure you get the longest lifespan of your filter. Same goes with the pool cleaner or any time you spend manually cleaning your pool.

5. Tie down pool covers and mesh pool covers can have their benefits, but the work you put into them may outweigh the benefits. The work needed to unroll and roll up the pool cover makes an automated pool cover a superior choice for your swimming pool Fresno, CA. Instead of having to roll and store the pool cover yourself, an automatic pool cover does the work for you! This convenience will ensure you actually use your pool cover more, reaping all the rewards of owning one.

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Need Help With Installing an Automated Pool Cover?

With an initial investment of an automatic pool cover for your swimming pool Fresno CA will save money and time. he overall energy savings and convenience make an automated pool cover a great choice for your pool. Contact Premier Pools and Spas today to discuss adding an automated pool cover for your pool.