Updating your San Antonio pool area isn’t only about upgrading the swimming pool itself, but it will also involve the surrounding pool deck, particularly the kind of resurfacing material you will use for the pool deck. This can influence your pool area’s overall look, improve your pool’s fun experience, and promote safer use. There are lots of decking choices to choose from and it can cause a lot of confusion regarding what type is the best. There are lots of pool deck materials, which can be recommended. But it will depend on the function and style preferences of a homeowner. For more suggestions and information, get in touch with your reliable and expert Premier Pools, San Antonio pool builders.

San Antonio Pool Builders

Here are some pool deck inspirations from the best Premier Pools, San Antonio pool builders.


Concrete is versatile and offers the homeowners with a range of options in terms of affordable pool decks. Amongst the different options of concrete, the most sought after are stamped concrete pool decks. It’s easy to maintain, can imitate costly materials, and is economical. Other options include engraved, stenciled, and stained concrete.


You can create a unique visual appeal by using stone. Travertine, a kind of limestone, is especially preferred for pool decks because it remains cool to the touch no matter the high heat and is not slippery when wet. Adding stone pool deck costs a lot more than using other materials. The good thing? The stone pool deck’s durability and beauty is matchless.


This is another preferred materials for decking. It creates a stunning, natural look, is easy to work with, and affordable. Wood is a great option for irregularly-shaped landscapes. The drawback to wood decking is the volume of preventive upkeep.

San Antonio Pool Builders

The wood will have to be stained frequently and sealed to avoid damage and color loss. For those who have a big deck, this could be a rather huge project you should have done yearly.


Whether it’s concrete, stone, or brick pavers, this is a conventional way of making a pool deck more functional and aesthetically appealing. This, however, needs more maintenance because weed and moss can thrive in between the units. It ‘s important that you talk to the experts at Premier Pools, San Antonio pool builders to help you with maintenance. The beauty of this is that it’s easier to repair pool decks since you only have to replace the ruined pieces, not the whole deck.


Commonly used in places where there’s presence of water, tile is always popular particularly around pools. But you should select the textured or unglazed type since tile can get quite slippery when wet. Furthermore, installation is much more costly and complicated.

Eventually, whichever you select keep in mind that what’s essential for a great pool deck is for it to be simple to clean and maintain, durable, comfortable to swimmers, and, above all, slip-resistant to prevent mishaps.

San Antonio Pool Builders

Pool Decking – Hire the Best San Antonio Pool Builders!

Whether you choose a more extravagant finish or choose a simple, minimal appearance, your pool deck area needs to look aesthetically appealing, and still be secure to spend time around. Your options might also depend on pool shape, size, and a price you feel at ease with. Contact your reliable Premier Pools, San Antonio pool builders today, for more advice and information on pool decks and patios!

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