One of the most important areas around your pool is the pool decking. Traditional outdoor decks were made of wood, but for a deck surrounding an inground pool, concrete is the most favored material. But again, the pool deck doesn’t have to be boring or plain. You can create a unique look for your Redding backyard with a stylish deck. But first, know about the factors you should consider.

Things to Consider

Choosing the most attractive deck material might be your first instinct, but think whether it gels well with your home, backyard, family, and lifestyle.

  • If you have kids, they will be running around the pool, so your deck material should be non-slip.
  • For the same reason, it should also not be uneven or coarse. Hard surfaces might cut your feet.
  • A pool is an area to relax, it is especially a great place to beat the harsh sun’s rays. But if the deck absorbs the heat from the sun, you won’t be able to enjoy your pool time.
  • Make sure to pick a material that is low on maintenance. If algae, mold, and mildew build up easily, or frost damages the deck, then you may need to spend on repairs.
  • The pool decking material has to blend in with your backyard. Otherwise, the entire pool area looks out of place.
  • It also has to support and withstand installations like pool safety barriers, privacy hedges, or fences.

Now let us look at the various options you can choose from.


Concrete is the most common material which is available in many colors and suits all types of home architecture. The best thing about concrete is that it is easy to clean and remains cool in the hot sun. However, its smooth finish tends to get slippery when wet. So, you will have to add pebbles or use brushed or textured concrete.


Wood looks great on pool decks and makes your pool look natural and elegant. You can opt from various types like cedar, pine, and more. But it is expensive and needs regular maintenance to stay in good shape. Additionally, it can also chip and hurt your feet.

Artificial Turfconcrete options for pool decking

You love to have a freshly manicured lawn, and yet it seems impossible as your climate doesn’t support it? Or the maintenance is too much? Then choose artificial turf and achieve the look. However, some synthetics might get heated when exposed to harsh sunlight.


Brick is one of the oldest materials that has been in use in all sorts of constructions. Its benefits include easy upkeep, cool and comfortable surface. But, moss grows very easily on a brick deck.

Stone affordable pool decking

Another natural looking material is stone, which is available in various forms like quartzite, limestone, granite, and sandstone. However, stone can get heated very quickly, especially if it is in darker colors.


Tile is your best option for pool decking if you want to set a seamless transition between the indoors and the outdoors. It is very versatile and is available in glass, porcelain, terracotta, and other forms. Still, choosing a highly glazed tile means an increased risk of slipping.


Pavers are available in brick, stone, concrete, and aggregate. They are small blocks you can install for the decking. This makes it easier for any repairs or remodeling since you only have to remove a small part of the deck.

Mixed Your Pool Decking Optionsconcrete options for pool decking

Even after learning these options, you are unsure of which material is suitable for your pool deck, then go ahead and choose them all. For instance, you can add stone or glass tile to your concrete decking and make it spark. But try not to add too many elements as it might become a faux pas or make the surface uneven.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call Redding pool builder Premier Pools and Spas to remodel your pool deck.

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