Traditional pool decking concrete is dull, lacks aesthetic appeal, and is hot to walk during the blistering heat. Over the years, experienced contractors have introduced innovations. There are now new deck options available at a fraction of cost. Let’s discuss two amazing pool decking options that can transform your pool and give it a spectacular look.

spray deck

Spray Deck

Spray Deck is a new technique of resurfacing concrete. It is textured, decorative cover that goes on top of concrete to create a rich, anti-skid, and textured pool deck surface. There are various colors to choose from and they all transform your surface in an effective yet simple manner.

It’s just as strong as conventional concrete and much more convenient to maintain. The anti-skid feature prevents occurrence of slipping and at the same time maintains its style and look for generations. The coating is comfortable to walk on without any cuts or blisters. You can pick a color to suit your individual style and taste preferences.

kool deck

Kool Deck

Another way to restore outdoor flooring of your pool is Kool Deck. This kind of resurfacing delivers a realistic, durable, and modern look to your pool. It is available in Flagstone, Slate, or Travertine.

In addition to diverse and modern styling, Kool Deck’s modern styling makes it a highly attractive option for outdoor enthusiasts. It has the capability to withstand blisters, and has a realistic appearance that makes it one of the best available options.

However, there are some negatives too associated with Kool Deck. As compared to other concrete pool decking options, Kool deck is quite difficult to install. Moreover, Kool Deck is susceptible to damages caused by sun and weather conditions.

Which is a better option?

When searching out for the best to remodel your outdoor living space, it can be tricky to select the best available option. Spray deck holds resistance to stains, while Kool deck is cooler to walk on. Spray deck is less slippery, while Kool deck looks more appealing. No matter which concrete pool deck you select, choose a contractor who is experienced in all kinds of installation works and can lend you towards a successful outdoor makeover.

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