Your pool deck provides a safe, anti-skid perimeter for walking. It also facilitates proper drainage. The best type of pool decking costs a lot, but it might be worth it. Before you make the final decision, think about the budget involved. Here are some factors you should consider.

pool decking costs

Material used

Pool deck materials that demand high maintenance, are not anti-skid and require frequent repairs add to your costs in the long run. Exposure to the harsh rays of the sun and chlorinated water daily affect the pool deck. The materials used to make them must be durable and resistant to moisture as well as frequent fluctuations in weather patterns.

All pool decks need clearing of debris. Those materials that tend to grow moss, chip, warp, and peel off, also require regular cleaning and inspection. Your climate, how often you use your pool, and the extent of exposure to sun or shade are all indicators of the maintenance necessary.

pool decking costs

Type of pool

The type of pool you have largely influences your budget for pool decking. A pool deck is necessary for an inground pool, and there are more material options to choose from. For above-ground pools, you can either encase your pool in its entirety, restrict the pool deck to only one end, or not have one at all. Use the paved portions for sunbathing and storing your pool furniture.

Construction and labor

While building the pool deck for an inground pool, prepare the affected area by grading it to facilitate proper drainage. The actual installation happens on completion of the grading procedure. The entire process may take up to two weeks. Time depends on the size and style of the deck in addition to the material used. The type of deck you choose to build and corresponding deck size impact the cost of labor. Each job of grading, leveling and the final installation is priced proportionate to the actual work involved.

pool decking costs

Craving for enhancements

Should you be keen on additional improvements, be prepared to shell out even more. Covering your deck with artificial turf, investing in stairs to access your deck and illuminating the deck all result in an increase in your budget. Installing a tile ledge around the pool’s perimeter is also an option to add to its visual appeal. Referred to as pool coping, this process is designed to pool deck.

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