For a long time, poured concrete has been used to build pool decks, but this is beginning to change with some builders. Problems associated with Salt Lake City pool deck concrete cracking and the intricacy of repair is making this a much less viable choice in comparison to how it was previously. For this reason, you will get the best pool decking images.

pool decking images

Ideas to Help You Have the Best Pool Decking Images:

1. Choose Composite for Low Maintenance Pool Decking

With regards to decking around swimming pools, timber can be a bit high maintenance. There’s the likelihood of high wear and weather-induced rot and oil seeping around the pool. However, if you like the way timber looks then it is a good investment.

You can find alternative materials, which you can use such as timber-look tiles and composite timbers. They preserve the aesthetic of the timber decking without the timber maintenance.

2. Shapely Well-Formed Designs

When you want to sell, a stunning pool with the best pool decking images will increase your home’s value. You should think about what will attract potential buyers when in the design stage. A rectangular pool is simpler to tile compared to a pool with curvatures and reflects most modern, home designs.

3. Before Excavating get the Correct Design

While it may sound obvious, it’s important to get the pool’s position right. It is essential if you want to include timber decking surrounding your backyard oasis. If your pool in Salt Lake City is in an area that does not get a lot of sunlight, you will probably end up getting rotting timber decking.

pool decking images

4. Use an Elevated Pool Deck to Create Levels

While paving might be the preferred material for the area surrounding a pool, including some decking will create contrast making space more visually attractive.

You can also create contrast with raised pool decking that will visually divide the area, forming a different space for either entertaining or relaxing.

5. Think About the Surrounding Landscape

Whether you are constructing a pool surrounded by concrete, stone pavers or timber decking, you should think about the pool’s position in your outdoor space to make the best pool decking images.

6. Incorporate a Swim-Up Deck Area

You can create a separate decking space, which you can only reach by diving in your pool and having to swim over to it. Children will feel like it is their own unique island, and for the adults, it is a private space to escape from everything.

7. Matching Materials for Perfect Pool Decking Images

An essential feature of any design is connected elements. You can create a cohesive backyard space by using materials in different elements of the design.

You can also use decking material in another element of design to connect the deck to the rest of your outdoor space, like the outdoor entertaining space or cooking space.

pool decking images

Pool Decking Images – Conclusion

A concrete pool deck can stand up to the elements of every season in Salt Lake City. You will not need to worry about fading or warped wood. It also offers good traction for your wet feet when you’re emerging from the pool. Feel free to contact Premier Pools & Spas of Salt Lake City to explore your options in pool decking!

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