The pool deck is the area surrounding your swimming pool. Also called a pool patio, this space lets you place tables, lounge chairs, other furniture elements meant for relaxation. To ensure your pool deck appears stylish, functional, and attractive, pick the right pool deck material. We list some helpful tips to let you pick the best material for your pool deck.

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Pool deck is different from pool coping

Don’t get confused between the pool deck and pool coping. They are two different things. Pool coping is the cap around the pool’s edge, made from concrete or stone, and is usually 12 inches wide. The pool deck is much bigger. It is big enough to accommodate chairs, furniture, and even a BBQ grill. With a pool deck, you can create a unique, stylish look for your backyard.

Replace Fiberglass Pool with Gunite

Concrete for pool deck

Concrete  is the most affordable and commonly used pool decking material. Pool decks made with concrete can be stamped or broom finished. Concrete pool decks can be finished in various colors. Broom pool decks appear standard, while stamped concretes resemble brick, tile, or stone.

Concrete has a few restrictions based on weather. It is not an adequate choice for cold winters. Thawing and freezing can lead to cracks in concrete.

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Wood for pool deck

Wood is another common decking material. It is an easy-to-work-with and economical option that creates a natural, beautiful appearance. It is great to complement irregularly shaped landscapes. However, it involves immense maintenance. The wood has to be consistently stained and sealed for preventing damage and color loss. It is a great decking material for larger pool decks.

Composite wood for pool deck

If you love natural wood appearance but worried about its maintenance, consider the option of composite wood. It is a great material that looks exactly the same as wood but is made from synthetics. Composite wood needs very less maintenance. It even doesn’t fade, rots, and splint after regular exposure to water and sun. This wood is available in a variety of colors. It is quite more expensive than conventional wood, but lack of maintenance saves you money over time.

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Stone pool deck

Stones are useful to add decorations like boulders, waterfalls, and other structures in the pool. They are also great to create a beautiful pool deck. Stones are durable and need no maintenance. With natural friction, stone decks are non-slippery. Varieties of stones are available with Travertine a popular choice for pool decks. It is perfect for a stylish and durable pool deck.

Tile Pool Deck

An elegant and clean look is achievable with tiles. These are easy to work with and available in a range of sizes and shapes. Tiles are fast to install and can be combined with other deck materials to get a unique look. Go for self-adhesive tiles to expand the size of the already existing deck.

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