Pool decking isn’t just for adding a border around your pool. Your pool deck is an area of leisure where you can unwind and enjoy a lovely summer day. Decking can be installed around your inground pool for a stunning backyard paradise. With inground pools, the decking is often part of the pool building process.

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There are lots of different materials and types to consider when you start the pool installation process. Not only do you need to think about these things, but you will also find a lot of pool decking trends that might impact your decision. In this post, we will look at a few of the considerations that you will need to make before choosing what type of decking you would like to use for your pool.

Types of pool decking

Tile decking

If you’re looking for a stylish, eco-friendly, weather-resistant deck, then tile decking is a must have. Some tiles snap together, so it does require knocking to install. This type is available in a wide range of materials like stone and porcelain as well as a range of patterns and colors.


This is the most popular pool deck material. Concrete has been a standard in pool building for a long time. One benefit of concrete is that it’s one of the more affordable choices for those within a strict budget. Since this material is so popular, most pool builders prefer to use concrete. But keep in mind that concrete does crack over time. So, this means that you will need to spend time patching sections and fixing cracks. With several patterns and stains to consider, it’s easy to customize this decking option.

Pool Decking

Travertine pavers

This is a common material for constructing luxury pool decks. It’s famous for its gorgeous and durable characteristics. These days, pool contractors rely on the porous nature of this material, which helps it to be cool to touch and more resistant to heat. Travertine soaks up water instantly, withstands all types of conditions, and is slip-resistant.


For people who wish to connect with nature, it’s great to use wood for your pool decking. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it suits areas that are surrounded by lots of vegetation. A few of the best types of wood to use are redwood, teak, pine, and mahogany. Redwood and mahogany are good to use if you would prefer a look that’s more sophisticated. Pine is the option if you are working with limited funds. Teak is resistant to mold and more durable. You’ll need to treat wood pool decking annually since it’s prone to rotting.

Pool Decking

These are just a few of the many pool decking options available but don’t let that overwhelm you. Premier Pools & Spas is here to help you get the pool decking that will meet your needs. Call us today to get started!

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