Pools are often the focal point of a property, and the pool decking can be the primary attraction in your Orange County backyard space. It’s not only where your family and friends will gather, but it adds style and personality to your landscape. A stunning poolscape is key to your Sacramento backyard paradise. You’ll find a range of natural and man-made materials that create classy pool decking.

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Apart from being aesthetically appealing, there are two major considerations when choosing a material for pool decking:

  • Swimming pool decks will undoubtedly become wet. To avoid slipping, you will want to choose a material, which is textured and resistant even when drenched.
  • Most swimming pool decks swelter in the sun, so it’s vital that you find a material that will not become too hot.

Common pool decking materials include:

Wood decking

Wood is a common decking option for outdoor spaces with or without swimming pools. You can install wood around your swimming pool and make it into any size or shape to suit your needs. Swimmers should be careful as it can get slippery when it gets wet. Wood is rather high maintenance as well. You can get wood in a range of types, and a lot of exotic hardwoods can also add a unique look to the pool area.

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Stamped concrete

If you want to create a pool deck that looks like brick, flagstone or natural slate, stamped concrete is the best option. When colored with dry-shake color hardeners or stains, this material appears similar to real stone. It is also a breeze to install and maintain. You can also use this pool decking material to go with other ornamental surface treatments.

Composite decking

These offer you the feel and look of wood with far less upkeep. Composite decks are usually wooden boards covered in a coating, which will withstand the elements. It might be wrapped with gripping paint to cling to wet feet and doesn’t have to be frequently refinished. They can also be costly, and there’s a limit to the color options unless you paint.

Paving stones

These are huge concrete slabs, which are available in an array of sizes and shapes. Paving stones are fitted as individual pieces. This provides them with lots of space to move around with the weather to avoid cracking. You can get them in most colors and provide you with the freedom to pick 2 or 3 different shades to create your preferred patterns.

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A Pool Builder You Can Rely On!

Premier Pools & Spas of Orange County designs and installs top-notch pool decking as an upgrade to an existing inground pool or as part of inground pool installation. We have a wide range of pool decking materials to decide on, which can stand up to Orange County weather conditions. We’ll help you select the pool decking material that complements the rest of your backyard space. Our professionals will also ensure you know which materials are heat resistant and slip resistant;