Pool decks are a good way to add space to a pool area in Salt Lake City. The area acts as a connection to your house for an extended feel. It is also a way to access all sides of your pool, or a spot to unwind on lounge chairs. By changing your deck’s elevation, a new area is formed. This area is more appealing and adds more interest together with the ability to have both an entertainment and lounging area. Pool decking wood if done properly will increase your pool’s aesthetic look. It will help increase your fun of hot summers around your pool.

pool decking wood

Benefits of Pool Decking Wood:

Versatile Installation

Swimming pools are available in all sizes and shapes. It’s important that your pool deck conforms to not only your outdoor space in Salt Lake City, but also to the swimming pool itself. Pavers and concrete become costly and hard to cut and shape when you want to create them into unique lines of modern swimming pools. These decking materials also need lots of layering, draining and leveling to ensure they are effective for years.

Pool decking wood is a lot simpler to customize to your backyard’s needs and the shape of your pool. Wood is simple to cut and shape and does not need the same kind of drainage and leveling that you will get with other decking materials. Wood also comes with a soft, organic look that will go with any backyard or setting. You can even lay the wood in different directions and patterns. This will allow for a traditional, modern or totally unique look for the deck area.

Eco-Friendly Material

Nowadays, being environmentally friendly is an important factor in any constructing material. Regardless of what you are constructing, you should check out how it will affect not only the environment, but also the space that surrounds its installation. Environmentally friendly products also put emphasis on durability as being capable of outlasting other options. They also don’t need regular replacement, which is another eco-friendly factor.

pool decking wood

Long-Lasting Durability

Swimming pools are often tough on the material surrounding them. Often, swimming pool decks get wet regularly. They are also exposed to chemicals used in maintaining your pool’s water. The ability to stand up to these and other elements of the pool environment is important in the decking material you select.

Appealing Feel

Materials such as concrete and stone will often hold onto the sun’s heat. For this reason, they will end up being hot and unpleasant underfoot, whenever you’re walking to and from your pool. The materials can get quite slippery as well. This is not good for patios and pool decks, since it presents a huge fall hazard. Pool decking wood is much tougher underfoot, not to mention comfortable to stand on. Pool decking wood does not warm up to the same degree, so it’s a fun experience walking to the pool, instead of a possibly uncomfortable one.

pool decking wood

If you live in the Salt Lake City area and want to know more about pool decking wood, contact Premier Pools & Spas of Salt Lake City today. In case you want to enhance your existing pool decking or want to construct a new pool, our professional team is willing to help. Your decking will be affordable, safe and stunning!

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