Are you always thinking about having a pool in your own home in San Diego? If your property has an empty yard and you have the pool design and prices, it will be simple to hire a builder to work their magic. Pools are consistent in their building costs. The factors that cause variability are the several choices possible for increasing their diversity or visual appeal. Your lifestyle and family will dictate what choices are essential to you. Also, if the pool design and prices for these updates are within your budget.

pool design and prices

Standard pool basics affecting the pool design and prices:


In scorching hot conditions, swimming pools might be deeper than average. This is to help keep the temperature of the pool water cooler all through summer. The increase in depth reflects equally in the cost as well. But a pool with an unusual depth is also harder to set tile and plaster, so the workforce increases a bit too. In place of depth, some pool owners are using water chillers to help keep a shallower backyard pool cool throughout the hot summers. This will add to the pool design and prices just as a much more powerful heater might be needed in very cold environments.

Waterline tile:

Many options of ceramic waterline pool tile are about similar in cost. Glass pool tiles are the newest advancement that should be installed with unique grout. This will ensure they stay impermeable to problems of freeze-thaw.


Traditional white plaster swimming pools have yielded to an array of new interior finish options. The first plaster change was years back with the emergence of dark bottom swimming pools, which are more appealing with rocks naturalistic design and rocks. Nowadays, there’s a range of plaster colors; most have the color of blue that is more expensive than white plaster.

pool design and prices


LED fixtures with all types of choices are replacing the old incandescent underwater lights. With pool water features and other updates, incorporating fiber optic lights to highlight a pool waterfall from behind, for instance, increases cost significantly.


Nowadays, pool size trends are toward small pools. However, big sprawling property sites will need a pool in scale with the surroundings. Take into consideration a 20 by 30-foot rectangular swimming pool the standard, averaging approximately 600 sq.ft of surface area. You can alter that area in shape without much cost changes. But if it’s smaller or bigger, then the square footage difference can have a direct effect on the finished cost.


Swimming pools these days come with an array of coping choices. Unique decking material like brick or stone veneer can increase the coping cost when you use solid stone at the waterline.

pool design and prices

Pool Design and Prices – Conclusion

Here at Premier Pools & Spa, our goal is to give you credible information relating to pool design and prices. We’ll make sure that this part of the process is not confusing or stressful to you. We can also help make designing a new custom inground pool interesting and engaging. Contact us today!

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