As you are going through the various options for pool designs in St. Louis, one thing comes to mind. “What do I expect from my pool?” This, indeed, is the right question to ask yourself as your entire pool build works around this. Whether you want a private backyard retreat or want to host pool parties, there are plenty of pool designs available. So, as you sit at the drawing board to make design decisions, make sure to discuss your ideas with your pool builder.

Have a look at the design features that are most popular in St. Louis.

Pool House

Pool House

Pool designs benefit greatly with additions like spas and bars. Similarly, pool houses are making a big comeback in St. Louis homes. After a great swim session, relax in your beautifully designed pool house. You can also use it as an entertainment space for your friends.

When not in use, it also doubles up as a storage facility. It can also serve as an outdoor living room or even as a guest house when you have overnight visitors. This underrated addition has multiple uses, provided you design it the right way.

Landscaping and Shade

Although landscaping is not essentially a part of your pool upgrade, it often makes your pool area more beautiful. Not just that, a beautiful pool landscape adds value to your home. A manicured pool area with attractive and colorful plants are easy on the eye and bring nature into your home. But make sure there is some distance between the plants and the pool so that the leaves do not fall in.

Likewise, pay attention to the patio space. Relaxing by the pool on cool patio furniture is great, but if you have to sit under the hot sun, it ruins your experience. Hence, invest in some shades for the patio like adding a pergola or umbrellas.

Outdoor Kitchen

Are you someone who frequently has guests over, or maybe you like to spend your Sunday afternoons with the kids by the pool? Then, instead of having a temporary working area for your grill, invest in an outdoor kitchen. This not only saves you a lot of trips to and fro the kitchen, but you also get to spend more quality time with family.

An outdoor kitchen makes your life easier and you enjoy the company of your family and friends more. It also saves you from missing out on the party you are hosting. Hence, talk to your contractor about the pool designs in St. Louis that incorporate an outdoor kitchen.

Slides and Diving Boards

Most people get a pool in their home for fun and relaxation, not just for physical activity. While it is great that you get plenty of health benefits with regular swimming in the pool, you also need fun. With all the discussions about pool designs and shapes, make sure you don’t lose sight of that.

Kids love the idea of sliding down into their own pool, just like they have seen in waterparks. Even adults, like the feeling of plunging into the pool from a diving board. If you have the required space in your backyard and can afford the costs, these features are essential to have a good time.

fire elements

Fire Features and Pits

Jumping into the pool during the hot summer days is great, but in the nights, you might want to just chill. However, summer nights are a bit cooler than you realize. Then you can warm up with amazing fire pits and fireplaces. Incorporating fire features into the pool designs in St. Louis is common these days.

The pool water and fire bring contrast and a certain elegance to the ambiance. As your body tries to adjust to the dark nights, the fireplaces keep you warm. Try to have multiple fire pits rather than in just one place. Or, have a fire line around which you can gather, which is a great social feature too.

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