Pools evoke fun in the warm sun with your children, a soothing float on a hot summer day, and barbecues. However, with the proper landscape design, swimming pools will also complement your home. Whether you want to remodel your existing pool or build a new pool, these pool design ideas will definitely make a splash.

When swimming pools incorporate design features, unique lights, water features, and specialty materials, they offer a great influence on nearby backyard spaces, especially when properly illuminated.

pool design ideas


You should not ignore the significance of your poolside seating. You do not have to make use of the normal wicker seats and plastic loungers. Look for something that will represent your style. This includes furniture or more permanent fixtures, such as concrete or stone benches. The seating you decide on will create the ambiance as much as the pool itself. This means you should pick carefully, particularly if you are not the kind to change it up regularly.

swimming pool design ideas


Proper illumination creates a dramatic and appealing atmosphere for your pool. It’s particularly effective for an evening dip. In addition, you can use lighting to improve your pool’s overall safety. Some pool design ideas you might want to consider are things like solar, fiber optic, multi-color LED, floating, and underwater lighting.

pool design ideas

Fire features

You can create a stunning element for having fun as well as a conversation spot by using fire features. It only takes an energy source (gas or propane) and a bit of effort to create your centerpiece. Add one to your backyard pool to provide a fascinating, warm glow. It also makes it a beautiful spot when it is too cold to take a dip.

swimming pool design ideas

Water features

You will find several different water features, which you can incorporate into your backyard pool design. These features will transform a pool from standard to spectacular as well. You can offer your pool a sense of drama by adding these swimming pool design ideas Scuppers Waterfalls Cave slides Gushers Grottoes Weeping walls Caves

Rock walls

These swimming pool design ideas are available in several designs. Our pool experts can help add a natural rock wall to your pool design. Take into consideration an actual wall of rocks, a pile of big stones, or a wall. For a beautiful white backdrop consider limestone. You can also use a mixture of gray stones to provide your Inland Empire backyard pool a mystical look, which offers you tranquility and fascinates guests.

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