Pool Design- Shapes to Consider

So you’ve decided it’s time to build the pool of your dreams! But what kind of pool will it be?

We have three basic categories of pool designs.

freeform is a type of pool design

First is the freeform pool. Get groovy with your pool design and don’t think it has to be a standard shape. Although commonly freeform pools tend to have that kidney bean shape, yours can be any shape you want. It’s trendy and tropical and gives that vacation sensation to your backyard.

geometric is another kind of pool design

Next up is the geometric pool design. This is your traditional and clean design style for a pool. All straight edges and generally it’s going to be a square or rectangular shape. Although don’t find yourself limited by what’s standard. If you’ve been dreaming of a pool shaped like a hexagon than go nuts! Make it a triangle if you want, it’s all up to you.

classic or roman style is another type of pool design

Lastly there is the roman or classic style. This is similar to the geometric except with those corners that curve inward. It’s a little change that really adds to the pool design. This is the style that never really goes out of fashion and can add some elegance to your outdoor décor.

There are some pluses and minuses to each design of course. If your backyard area is a small square space then the geometric pool might be the way to go just so you maximize the amount of pool you’re getting for the area you have available. In a similar situation if your backyard is small with an unusual radius then the free form pool could give you that extra pool space to fit the area you have.

Sometimes if you want to do a lot of landscaping in your backyard the geometric or classic style might be preferred because it’s not a showy style. It won’t distract from all the wood, stone, and gardening elements you might be adding around it.

Or maybe the opposite is the case and you want your pool to be the star of your backyard. Then go for that freeform shape and show off your unique pool design.

And for more information check out our inground swimming pools tab with further details on each pool type.

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