When you are thinking about pool designs, you may be thinking about the rich and famous with their beautiful pools. While there are some pretty insane and awesome pools that cost upwards of millions of dollars. There are still plenty of pools that are within your budget that will allow you to get the same feel without feeling it hit hard in your wallet.

3 Pool Designs for Your Backyard

pool designs

Credit: HomeDesignLover.com

This may look like a small pool but this Aquatech pool exudes peace and calm, and you can experience the peacefulness when you have this amazing pool design by your side.

pool designs

Photo Credit: HomeDesignLover.com

This rectangular pool can complement even a small space. Add some furniture to make it even homier and fun.

pool designs

Photo Credit: HomeDesignLover.com

Pool Designs – Creating Your Own

After looking at a lot of pool designs, you probably have some great ideas, but most likely you want to mesh some of them together to make something uniquely yours. Instead of trying to make some sort of cookie cutter cool, you can create your own out of the pool designs and make something that shows people who you are.

When you are thinking about pool designs, you not only want to think about looks. You also want to think about how the pool is going to function for your family and friends. You might have pets that need steps to be able to get out of the pool and into the pool easily. Thinking about all of the things you are going to be doing and how the pool can complement those things is going to make the design process much easier.

Another thing that will make figuring out your pool designs and what you want to do is speaking to professionals that have been doing pool design and have great credibility. Look at the different types of pools they have installed, what their clients say about them, and you can even ask them what their vision is for their business.

Pool Designs – Conclusion

After you have spoken to a professional about your pool designs, it is time to implement. Depending on what kind of a space that you have, you may want to put in a big pool that could take a decent amount of time to install. On the other hand, you may be looking into a small pool, aka a spool, which is becoming more popular. The first pool pictured in this article can be classified as a spool.

Small pools are allowing almost anyone to be able to have a pool, no matter how small your space is. If you have a very small space, you may want to ask the pool professional you are working with if that would be an option for you. Take a look at some more pool designs of small pools and see if there are any that get you excited about putting them in your backyard.

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