When you are brainstorming pool designs for your future San Antonio pool, you can let your imagination run wild. There are plenty of different pool designs and styles for you to choose from, or you can make up your own. There are so many combinations of shapes, features, and additions that you could have a totally unique pool to you. In this article, we are going to talk more about pool designs and what may work great for you.

pool designs

Credit: Dan Forer, Photographer, original photo on Houzz

Pool Designs – Picking the Best

The idea of getting a pool may have just been a thought at first and could have only been curious when you started to look through pool designs. The more that you start thinking about designing your pool and having it in your backyard, so that you can enjoy it with your friends and family, that is when it gets exciting and you start thinking about how good it would be to have it in your possession.

You have probably already seen that you can have pools that are free-flowing, aka freedom pools, or you can have the more traditional pool. More and more people are moving toward the free-flowing pool because of the different features that you can add to it. Instead of being a cook cutter pool, you can really make the pool designs your own. Imagine swimming in your own personal paradise designed by you.

When you are thinking about your pool designs, you also need to think about the space you are putting the pool in. Is the space a large space where you could put a large sized pool? Or do you need to look into the “small pools” also known as “spools”? Spools are a great option when you have a limited space or when you do not want to make the pool the centerpiece of the yard.

pool designs

Dream Pool Designs

If you are worried that you wouldn’t be able to have some part of your design that you want, don’t worry too much. There are plenty of amazing designs that pool experts have helped people put together from their imaginations. There are big pools and small pools, so no matter what your dream is to make sure you contact a professional and let them help you guide you through the process.

pool designs

Credit: Da Vida Pools, LLC, Andre Del Re & Lisa North, CBP, original photo on Houzz

Having a professional alongside you to help you go through the journey and understand the different options will enable you to explore each benefit that you might desire. Imagine your hearts desire for your pool and let them make it come true. Picking to work with a pool professional will make your life a lot easier and you may have your dream pool before you even thought possible.

Once the process gets going, pools can be installed much faster than they have been in the past with all of the latest technology and development in tools and strategy. Contact a pool and spa expert today to get started.

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