When it comes to pool designs, they are all over the map. You will find many beautiful pool designs that you can choose from, but waterfalls are becoming more and more popular in pool designs. In this article, we are going to talk to you more about pool designs with waterfalls, and if this may be something that you want to add.

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Waterfalls In Pool Designs & The Benefits

Besides for the natural beauty of waterfalls, what else makes so many people want to put these features into their pools. Once it started becoming more mainstream and people knew they were able to get them without breaking their bank, you started to see them all over the place and there is good reason why.

The Sound

If you have gone to sit by a pool that has a waterfall, you may have been put to sleep by the relaxing and calming sound of the waterfall. Many homeowners say that the sound of the waterfall is a big reason they had it put in with the pool. It helps to set the mood and also drowns out other sounds that you may not want to hear from far away. If you would rather have a quiet environment, you can always get the water features that do not produce sounds.

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The Flow of the Water

When it comes to pool designs and waterfalls, they help with the flow of the water in the pool. This means the direction and how it enters the pool and it can cause other visual effects that make the pool all the more enjoyable.


You can also do some amazing things with waterfalls and lighting. Whether that would be colorful lighting, or the more natural lighting, waterfalls can be made to look magical with a little extra light behind them.

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Photo credit: Chia Ming Chien

Choosing Your Pool Designs

A waterfall may or may not be for you. While they are beautiful, not everyone opts to have one in their pools. In the grand scheme of things, you will see that waterfalls are great in smaller pools as well as larger pools, so if you are worried it is going to hamper your swimming if you have a smaller pool, don’t worry. If you want to speak about specific design elements, you can always speak with one of our pool professionals that can help you go through the process.

Pool designs are a lot of fun and if you get in on it yourself, you can really make your own masterpiece in your backyard. Designing your own pool allows you to bring a voice to who you really are, and you’ll be able to show that in a piece of art that so happens to be your swimming pool. Give us a call and we can work with you through any part of the process from the design to the finish. We have a great deal of experience that can save you any mistakes you might have made without experience.

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