At Premier Pools and Spas, we like nothing better than to see happy families playing games in their new swimming pools, or using their pools to relax and rejuvenate.

But there is an additional advantage to having a swimming pool. Pool exercises are one of the best ways to keep fit. Swimming pool exercises are less damaging to joints. Water provides gentle resistance, which helps strengthen muscles and improve cardiovascular fitness, agility, and balance.

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Numerous websites and videos across the internet demonstrate basic pool exercises using pool weights and underwater weight belts. These inexpensive underwater exercising options can certainly help keep your body tuned. However, there is other equipment available that may be right for you, especially if you tend to get bored with water aerobics, or you want to upgrade your workout.

Here are a few options for you to consider when looking for new ways to get in some pool exercises:

Underwater Bikes for Pool Exercises

Underwater bicycles, or “aqua cycling” take everything you love about your favorite spin class to a whole new level. Combine some inspirational tunes with the comforting environment of your pool, and you will have created a new way to enjoy cycling and your pool simultaneously. 

During aqua cycling, water currents push on the body, which challenges muscles to keep their form. This activity stabilizes the core as muscles engage.  

An underwater bike is an ideal pool exercise because has little to no impact on joints.

Underwater Treadmill for Pool Exercises

Running or walking in water has many benefits, such as minimal joint impact and less muscle soreness. With an underwater treadmill, you will also stay comfortable, as cooling pool water will keep you from overheating while doing your workout.

There are several different underwater treadmills available for pool exercises. Some underwater treadmills are intended for rehabilitation or therapy centers, but there are some designed for the home pool that simply drop right into the pool. You can learn more about drop-in pool treadmills here.

Pool Exercises Utilizing Resistance Jets

These therapy jets provide progressive resistance. By directing a concentrated force of water against the body’s core, resistance jets push swimming pool water through a mechanism and toward the body.

Resistance jets can be installed in any type of swimming pool, such as gunite, fiberglass, or vinyl. They require little space and are typically adjustable, so you can increase the level of pressure if your pool exercise routine needs to be adapted. You can watch a Youtube video, to see how the jets function.

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Pool Exercise Resistance Fins

Resistance fins wrap around your ankles or wrists. The fins contain blades that create resistance against water.

Resistance fins provide force in all directions, so no matter which way you swing, kick, move your legs, or swing your arms, you are going to experience resistance against the water. 

The fins are available in different resistance levels, so they are ideal for those just getting into pool exercises, or for more advanced athletes. Check out some options here.

Aquatic Poles for Pool Exercise