As you know, when you build your swimming pool the pool builders also build an equipment pad that connects to your swimming pool. On that equipment pad are pool filter systems, which are put in place to help keep your swimming pool clean. Keep reading to learn how pool filter systems work and how to keep them clean.

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How Do Pool Filter Systems Work?

Pool filters are designed to help clean your swimming pool. Most pool owners know that you have to keep your swimming pool pump on for at least 8-10 hours a day because if your pool water becomes stagnate,then it has a greater chance of growing algae. Here is the step by step process that your swimming pool water goes through to be filtered.

Water Circulation Pump

There is an electric motor that spins an impeller inside the pump, and that is what pulls your swimming pools water through the suction side of the pump to the pressure side (pool filter). If there is any debris that the skimmer basket did not catch then there is a anther pump located in the front that can catch the smaller debris. The water is then further pushed through the filter and cleaned.

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After the water is filter through the pump, it is then pushed through the filtration system. There are a few different types of swimming pool filters that the water can filtrate through in hopes of catching all the debris that may be in your swimming pool water. This filters are known as fabric, sand, or a DE filter.

The dirty pool water comes through the inlet pipe of the filter and then is distributed within the tank. Pressure or gravity is at work as the dirty water moves through the pool filter, filtering out any dirt, debris, algae, and bacteria as well as some larger microorganisms. Metals and minerals may also be removed by this method of filtration.

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