Pool Filters, Pumps, and Pipes, oh my!

Premier Pool Service is a sister company to Premier Pools & Spas the #1 pool builder in the world. We build and service swimming pools across the nation. A question asked by most homeowners and new pool owners is how their swimming pool works or how it properly functions. Premier Pool Service of West Austin is glad to walk you through what a pool filter is, how it works, and then what they do to it when they come by for their weekly service routine.

How Does a Pool Filter Work? 1

What is a Pool Filter?

A pool filter essentially is a piece of equipment that is built into your swimming pool. The pool filter acts the same as a regular water bottle filter would. Its main goal it to keep your swimming pool water clean and clear. There are many different types of pool filters that can be used in a swimming pool; however, Premier Pools and Spas uses and recommends the DE filter. It is the best selection out of them all because it is the most effective swimming pool filter. DE stands for Diatomaceous Earth, and this type of filter is the most effective because it actually traps the smallest particles possible.

How Does a Pool Filter Work? 2

How do Pool Filters Work?

Filters are just a small part of a big operation. They are still critical to the process of keeping your swimming pool clean, but they aren’t the ones actually moving or doing anything complex. The filters are just what catches the debris that are in the swimming pool. The pump is the main part of a pool’s circulation system. It does the heavy lifting that pulls the water from the pool through the skimmer and main drain, pushes the water towards the filter, and then pushes the newly filtered water back out towards the pool through the main returns. In the end you are left with cleaned filtered water and the filter is what caught all the debris particles.

Professional Pool Service Offered

Premier Pool Service of West Austin has multiple service packages to offer. Most of those options consist of weekly service opportunities and seasonal service packages. We can provide you the best pool service possible. All you have to do is contact us today!

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