You will need pool filters for an exciting and fun swimming time. Pool pumps and pool filters are both important equipment every pool owner needs. This is because their work is to keep the pool water crystal clear.

Pool Filters

Pumps permit water flow and push it via the filtration system while the filters get rid of the debris and dirt. This ensures that just fresh and clean water will return to the swimming pool. Our Pool professionals at Heart of Texas Service will help you avoid the issues associated with not maintaining a swimming pool and its equipment.

Here are some of the top questions about pool filters that you might find useful:

How does a pool filter work?

While the pool pump’s work is to push the water out of the swimming pool, filters get rid of the dirt via a filtration system. These electric devices use a cartridge similar to those you find around the kitchen sinks. The cartridge separates the contaminants and debris as the pool water passes through it. For the best performance, you should empty these devices as soon as they get filled. The ones popularly seen around residential homes are sand pool filters. They work as the filtration material.

What pool filter is perfect for inground pools?

Sand filters and DE filter work best for inground pools. Most models of filters can be grouped based on the type of swimming pool they work best and the type of filtration method they have. The three popular types of filters on the market are Diatomaceous, sand and cartridge.

Pool Filters

Are they simple to maintain?

Pool filters provide you with the best performance with regards to cleaning pools. They are not only beneficial in keeping your pool water fresh and clean, but they are also simple to maintain as well. You can leave the filter running and inspect it after a few weeks or whenever it is has debris and dirt. They offer amazing flow rates, and they come with different volumes and sizes to suit your needs.

Why is Diatomaceous Earth Filter considered the best option?

These types offer even better cleaning results. This filter traps pollutants as small as 2 – 5 microns. Community pools that are often seen around training or recreational areas often use Diatomaceous Earth Filters. The reason being, the filter uses little crannies and nooks to screen particles such as bacteria and silt. But using this kind needs you to do regular backwashing for effective cleanup.

It’s important that you secure yourself and the entire household from the harm resulting from dirty pools. Our professionals recommend that you should invest in pool filters and experience lasting excitement and fun under the sun.

Pool Filters

If you don’t feel like doing all that work, feel free to contact a pool expert at Heart of Texas Service to look after it for you. This is to make sure you don’t need to go through the trouble. Our team of certified pool experts can fix any issue related to pools, whether it is a defective filter or pump or any other mechanical issue. We can look after your pool maintenance for you or show you ways to maintain your pool system properly.

We look forward to assisting you to keep your swimming pool crystal clear for many years to come, so call us today!

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