A lot of planning, material choice, and effort go into building a pool. But regardless of the pool’s decorative features and design, pool finishes will transcend the complete design and play a huge role in how appealing the pool is.

Whether you want to resurface your existing pool’s aging plaster or select the finish for a new pool, you should determine what type of material to use. Pool finishes come with their own set of benefits and drawbacks in areas like durability, visual appeal, and cost.

pool finishes


This is the most affordable choice. It is cement and a mixture of silica sand and marble dust. Plaster is the most popular type of pool finish and provides many choices for a unique look. White plaster provides a stylish, smooth look. Plaster comes with a life span of about seven years before you’ll see staining, chipping or etching. Within a decade you have to re-plaster.

You can ask your pool builder about the addition of pigments and dyes to the plaster to attain the preferred color. A blue/gray color is a common choice since it makes the pool’s color look modern. Darker shades will make your pool look like a natural pond in which the water reflects your surrounding landscape. Remember that dark colors soak up the sun’s heat and will help in heating your pool water.

pool finishes


These pool finishes are usually created from glass, stone or porcelain. For aesthetics, you can get them textured, hand-painted, or glazed. Tile is easy to clean and lasts for a long time of all the finishes, but it is the most costly as well. If you want limitless variety when it comes to design and color, however, the options are often unlimited with tile.


Aggregate pool finishes are an appealing mix of colored or white plaster. Additionally, the plaster features pieces of beads, river stones, granite, glass or other materials blended into the plaster. These pool finishes and mixtures give the completed pool an aesthetic appeal. This material is a perfect choice when you want unique, custom swimming pools. Aggregate pool finishes offer an elegant look to the poolscape, both in and out.

Polished aggregate finish contains colored stones, which have been crushed into a fine powder after which it’s applied using a trowel. Quartz flecks or colored granite will add visual appeal and improve the plaster’s life. These pool finishes offer a longer life to the pool surface.

Talk to pool specialists at Premier Pools & Spas about the choice of exposed aggregate, which has river pebbles or glass beads. Think about a pebble finish if you want a tropical or rustic appearance. Glass bead pool finishes will make the surface of your pool glitter, and go together with contemporary pool designs.

pool finishes

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