Nowadays, pool owners have a wide selection of interior pool finishes when upgrading a pool. The right pool finish can make the world of difference in the aesthetic quality of your backyard pool in Fresno. A top quality finish will impact the durability of the pool investment as well. There are lots of options in pool finishes these days, and they vary budget, durability and look. With the perfect finish, you can transform a standard pool into a virtual masterpiece.

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Here are some pool finishes to decide which one works the best for your pool:

1. Marble

Featuring in the better-quality detail work of the pool, marble has begun to make its presence well-known in the industry. Hand polished, this finishing comes with a luxuriously sleek feel and sheen. This will help offer the perfect protection against algae and scaling. It provides longevity that aggregate pool finishes cannot contend with, which furthers its repute as being one of the most hard-wearing materials.

Coming up with a timeless look with pool finishing can be as bold as having a marble deck or as easy as incorporating marble tile into the coping. Though costly, marble features indisputable longevity and elegance, which makes a sought-after pool finish.

2. Aggregates

When considering the aesthetics of the traditional pools, what comes to mind is pool plaster. It features a classic look, which is popularly used in pools because of its quite affordable cost. Aggregates are a refreshing take on plaster, which has a distinct design that you can customize. This creates a chance to instill a dramatic effect on the pool surface. It is a common choice for pool remodeling as well.

pool finishes

You can apply these pool finishes as exposed or polished, each offering several unique advantages. Exposed aggregates are often mixed with pebbles and glinting glass beads that get exposed after finishing the application. This offers a slip-resistance surface in combination with its modern elegance. Polished aggregates have finely grounded, which after polishing create a brilliant gloss, which can extend your plaster’s life the greatly.

3. Glass Tile

Glass tile is always the preferred among luxury pool contractors. This type of pool finish has transformed the way to customize pools. These pool finishes come with stunning and long-lasting elegance, which have the versatility to attain the vision of anyone. Another added benefit of glass tile is resistant to chemical erosion and tanning. This is because of its non-porous structure, which makes it a wise investment for its longevity.

The choices are limitless as you transform your backyard oasis in Fresno with glass tile mosaic or the colorful shimmering tiles for accents throughout your pool’s interior. Places that are common to beautify are the edges, steps, and waterline creating appealing focal points.

pool finishes

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