Once you have decided to add that dream swimming pool in your Gulf Coast backyard, the next thing to determine is the interior finish. Elevate your pool to a whole new level by using a finish that matches your poolscape and home decor. There are numerous types of pool finishes to pick from, which include tile, aggregate finishes, and plaster. Each type is available in a wide range of textures, colors, and materials.

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While a lot of these improvements make your swimming pool easier to maintain, safer, and cleaner, advancements in pool finishes have created a more noticeable effect since they transform the feel and look of your pool. Premier Pools & Spas will guide you through choosing the best pool finish that will complement your backyard oasis.

Plaster finishes

Plaster is one of the most popularly used pool finishes on the market, plaster. It is quite a standard finish that you’ll see a lot in your research on pools.

While this type of finish is the most popular option in pool finishes because it’s inexpensive, it also comes with the shortest lifespan, often needing replacement about every ten years. Plaster is available in a lot of colors, which range from classic white to dark grays and blacks to provide the swimming pool with a high, mirror-like reflective quality.

Tile pool finishes

Tiles come with limitless design possibilities as well as being one of the most durable pool finishes. When they are applied on steps, floors, and waterlines, it creates matchless accenting; usually, customers will accent the entire swimming pool in tile. Tile takes longer to install than aggregate and plaster finishes and is also the most costly type of swimming pool finish.

Pool finishes

This pool surface also lasts for long. If looked after properly, tile will not need replacement; however, if they have to be, replacement is often isolated. Types of tile include stone porcelain, ceramic, and glass. Each of these types of stones has different pros and cons, permeability, shape, size and color variations. Each creates unique beauty, mood and elegance to a poolscape.

Aggregate finishes

These pool finishes are the new generation of plaster swimming pool surfaces. They come with colored or white plaster mixed with small pieces of glass beads, granite, quartz, or river stones. Aggregates are available in two forms: exposed and polished.

Aggregate finishes are getting more desirable and widely used since they offer a luxurious swimming pool surface, which is harder and more resistant to staining and chemicals than plaster alone. Furthermore, they provide a wide range of stunning textures and colors. They can be custom blended to bring about a really amazing swimming pool appearance.

Pool finishes

Create a Back Oasis Of Your Dreams!

There is no doubt that there are lots of options available for your new Gulf Coast pool finish. Obviously, as with anything for your swimming pool, you should contact a professional at Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast for their opinion and help. We will help you with any decision, which ranges from types of pool finishes, tile designs, colors, all while keeping your preferred time frame and budget in mind.

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