If you have a beautiful swimming pool in your backyard, chances are that you are looking for the best pool finishes. Before you go ahead and make a choice, we suggest that you consider a few primary factors to find out how your backyard will feel and look after the finishes.

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Opt for a water color

Basically, there are two main water colors for a pool: green and blue. Aside from this, many factors play a great role in helping you determine the shade of green or blue. One of the most important factor is the background dye. Ideally, if you like blue water, you might want to opt for a gray, black, blue and white finish. On the other hand, for green water, you might want to choose tan, brown, and green.

Factors that may affect the water color

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Given below are some common factors that can have an impact on the water color:

  • Background dye (green, grown, tan, black, gray, blue, white)
  • Colors of your pool environment (landscaping, law furniture, fencing, home exterior)
  • Water Movement (wind and water features)
  • The shape and depth of the pool (water will be darker if pool is deeper)
  • Sun exposure (screen enclosure, tall trees, and backyard direction)

The following time-lapse pool videos show the changing water color in response to the movement of the sun across the sky. This is how the surroundings effect the color of pool water.

Water color spectrum

First of all, make sure you use the water color spectrum as a guideline only for pool finishes. The background dyes effect the water color. Moreover, different water color shades in the spectrum happen in full sun and the environment has no impact on the shades. Before you make a choice, don’t forget to view the pools in person and consider the factors listed above.

Choose a texture

You can choose from Polished, Pebble or Quartz pool finishes. They all have a different degrees of textures, and can be light, medium or ultra smooth, for instance, Basically, the textures are determined based on a number of factors like aggregates size, shape and type. As a general rule, the texture will be smother if the aggregate is smaller.

Factors that affect the texture

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Aggregates: Texture is affected by the shape, size and type of aggregate

Polishing: The Hydrazzo line of your pool may be made of a marble base. Usually, a water-based polishing tool is used to smooth the line post the exposure process.

Additives: Many additives like color coated quartz and abalone shells add to the beauty of a pool and create an awesome luster and add more texture

Application techniques: Different exposure techniques have an impact on the compaction and encapsulation of the aggregates.

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