Swimming, water sports, playing games, and doing different activities in water are some ideas to have a great time in your Austin pool. But if you use pool floats the level of enjoyment will go beyond the imagination. You’ll find that the range of choices will increase very much with the use of pool floats. These pool extras help everyone to have fun in the pool no matter if they know how to swim or not. The entire household will love using these accessories.

pool floats

These fun pool accessories are portable, which makes them handy to carry to the pool and store after use. You can inflate them using an electric pump. This will save you from getting tired even before you have an opportunity to have fun in the pool. Another good thing about pool floats is that they let even the smallest kids have fun in the pool with adult watchful eyes. It’s so much fun for kids to be dragged around on floats that resemble a raft.

Pool floats are mostly created from vinyl and are very long-lasting. Although well-built, they’re not completely resistant to small punctures and leaks. For this reason, many pool stores provide patch kits for sale at affordable prices. You can even find that some have a patch kit when you purchase them.

Selecting pool floats

These pool accessories support the user in a sitting posture. The float’s sitting design makes it suitable for floating lazily while keeping an eye on kids playing or reading a book in the pool.

pool floats

Some come with a long length, letting the legs to hang in the pool while others help keep the feet out of the pool water. Some even have a drink holder installed in the sides.

Types of swimming pool floats

Choosing a pool float will depend on preference and lifestyle floats for different people. The following are some choices:

  • Fun pool floats. They offer flexible movement and fun in a range of shapes and colors. You can pick from junk food shapes such as pizza to animal shapes such as swans and flamingos.
  • Family pool floats. These hold a lot of people seeking to float jointly in a single device. The circular style has built in seats, letting each swimmer face the middle. The middle usually features an opening so the feet can hang in the pool water. While these pool accessories will keep the whole family together, its big size needs additional pool space.
  • Side-by-side floats. These can seat two people who want to hang out together in the pool. They let the swimmers sit full-length and face one another or face the same direction.
  • Classic pool floats. These let you lie to flat and unwind on the pool water. Floats can be mesh, foam, or inflatable. The mesh material lets water to flow through the pool float.

pool floats

Pool Floats – Conclusion

Before you purchase your float this summer think about all your choices from your pool’s environment, size to the material. The best pool float will make your swim season unforgettable and fun right in your own Austin backyard. For the hottest trends and tips about pools, contact Premier Pools & Spas of Austin today!

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