grandparents-pool-1We love getting this type of feedback from our customers. Recently we completed a new swimming pool and spa for the Hogg Family. They were nice enough to let us in their backyard to showcase their beautiful new pool, and had some great things to say about their experience with Premier Pools & Spas.

Some Ulterior Motives Behind This Swimming Pool…

Homeowner and Premier Pools customer Bevil Hogg says that he had ulterior motives all along in his grand scheme to redesign his backyard specifically with his grand kids in mind. “The best part of owning a swimming pool is to attract grand children, so we use the pool as a grandchild magnet.” says Mr. Hogg. We certainly agree with that testament. Children love to swim and there’s no greater way to guarantee that your grandchildren will be a permanent fixture than to add a swimming pool to your backyard. You definitely stack the odds in your favor because they will know that there is fun and good times to be had at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

We designed the Hogg families pool with their grandkids in mind, but also paid close attention making sure the pool handsomely accented the home it was designed to compliment. Much to the delight of Mr. Hogg who chose us for that sole purpose. “I chose Premier because they were willing to design a pool that was uniquely integrated into the landscape rather than impose some kind of cookie cutter solution.” says Mr. Hogg. “What we most like about our pool is the use of rock and stone – it captures (Premier’s) approach towards a total solution, that respects the environment.” It’s a concern that many of our customers seem to express and one we take to heart when thinking about designing a pool.

The Hogg Family have a beautiful home, and because we know that we are performing a radical transformation to someones backyard that means we need to be particularly sure to be respectful and careful around the property. “The builders were courteous and clean and respective to our living situation, so all in all it was a pretty easy and unstressful experience.” said Bevil Hogg.


Design Integrity

3d-pool-renderingWhen we design a pool we use state of the art pool rendering software so that the homeowner will know exactly how their pool is going to look. It’s what we delivered to the Hoggs and we stuck rigidly to a plan that involved incorporating the pool into the backyard environment. Mr. Hogg couldn’t agree more, in closing he says “I would say that if you want a truly beautiful pool I can’t think of anyone I would recommend more highly. I think the word or praise that I would use to promote Premier is design integrity because of their willingness to extend their imagination – they’ll deliver something special”. We’d like to thank the Hogg family for choosing Premier Pools & Spas to design their vision and hope that they enjoy their new swimming pool for many years to come.

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