Pool games 2.0There are tons of ways to appreciate the pool rather than the kids just diving in the pool or doing cannonballs. Premier pools has 15 pool games to share with you to make your summer more memorable and better than ever!

  1. Mermaid Races:
    Also known as Dolphin races or submarine races. The idea of the game is to see who can hold their breath the longest while swimming across the pool and who gets the farthest.
  2. Invisa-bottle:
    A clear plastic bottle with a cap that matches your pools tiles. Face the players with their backs to the pool and once you’ve thrown the bottle and they hear the splash they dive for it. It’s harder than it looks because the bottle blends in with the pool.
  3. Noodle Jousting:
    Like medieval jousting but without the horses, the two players will need an inflatable raft and have pool noodles and try to knock the other off their raft.
  4. Shark in the pool:
    Like tag someone is “it” (the shark), and the others are trying to get away, they are allowed out of the pool but only for 5 seconds. Once the shark has tagged someone that makes the other person “it” (the shark)
  5. Ping Pong:
    Diving down to the bottom may be fun but so is collecting things at the surface. Ping Pong balls are light and can be hard to see, gathering the ping pong balls at top, you can even write numbers on them for point value or initials to find your own. The more ping pong balls you use the more fun it is.
  6. Treasure Hunt:
    A simple game really, you just have someone throw coins into the pool and you dive after them. You can be entertained for hours.
  7. Popsicle:
    Freeze tag in the water, when the person that’s it tags you, you must stand up straight with your hands above your head like a popsicle. The twist to this game is the person underwater can’t be tagged by the person whose it but the person underwater can unfreeze the popsicle.Pool gmae
  8. Octopus:
    It’s like red rover. Players try to get from one side of the pool to the other without getting tagged by “it”. When “it” tags a player, they join them in the middle and hold hands. Alternating players can join in as well until you have a long line (an octopus) in the middle play until one player is left and restart.
  9. Automatic Whirlpool:
    Get all your friends and just circle the pool a few time to create a current, the more people the stronger the current.
  10. Pirates:
    Get an odd number of diving sticks, with your pirates (players) at the opposite end of the pool. throw them in the middle and the pirate to return with the majority of sticks (treasure) wins.
  11. F-I-S-H:
    Like the basketball game H-O-R-S-E, take shots you miss one you get a letter the first one to spell horse loses. The pool addition, you just need a poolside basketball hoop and spell F-I-S-H, try doing some cool acrobatic moves.
  12. Scavenger Hunt:
    collect diveable items that will sink in pairs of 2, gather the players into groups and see which group is able to get the items first.
  13. Belly Flop Contest:
    Kids generally want to do these types of jumps anyway why not make it into a contest, points for biggest splash, hardest smack and who judges favorite.
  14. Marco Polo:
    The classic game of finding the other players with eyes closed. Someone shouts “Marco!” and the other players reply with “Polo!”Chicken Fight
  15. Chicken Fight:
    This is for more of the older kids, but you ride piggyback in teams of two while the person on top is trying to knock the opposite teams people over.

With all these fun new games to try out i’m sure your kids will never wanna leave the pool!

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