The Pool House Can Serve a Dual Function as a Guest House

Homeowners have been putting structural buildings around their pool pumps and other pool necessities, and they don’t stop there. This pool structures are transforming into a second home or micro guest house on the property. With full kitchens and entertainment rooms, some homeowners have even put a guest bedroom and full bath in these pool structures.

Charette, a base- interior and landscape designer, has made some breathtaking pool homes. She wants to make it especially easy for her clients. With this articulate home it’s around 1,100 sq. feet, Which is bigger than the average home in the 1950s.

Pool house second

The Pool House Redefined As a Guest House

“They want the pool house to be a place where they can feel as comfortable as possible with all the amenities,” she says. “It’s a place to really punch out even when they’re at home, where they can cook, put the television on, spend the rest of the evening there. They’re super busy, and it’s a way to be at home with the family.”

With such a big pool house, Charette realizes that clients with smaller backyards don’t have enough room unless they were to add on to the main house. But that defeats the purpose of the second pool home. If the two buildings weren’t separated there would be no point.

With a glass roof hallway connecting the mechanical room to the entertainment area, there’s another door leading to tennis courts along with beautiful aspiring trees and cobblestone walkway. This all gives an outdoorsy feel to it.

Another architect shares it’s a good feeling when the homeowner wants a say in the architect design. “Sometimes we tie in the design with the design of the main house.” The pool houses this architect has worked on secondary houses that have cost up to $50,000.

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Summerwood sells 17 different styles styles for these secondary pool houses. They range from 35 to 1,100 square feet, the buildings are put on concrete slabs and you are able to customize the design.

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If you are considering a pool house you may also want to keep in mind the fact of seating around the house. You could end up with the seating facing your pool house instead of your actual swimming pool.    

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