Installing a pool in Portland can be a tempting thought to have during the scorching summer days. Once a swimming pool is installed and operating, it can offer never-ending hours of enjoyment and fun. A swimming pool is a huge investment, though, and even a small inground swimming pool can cost a lot of money. It is also arguable whether or not a pool increases home value enough to recoup its entire cost.

Pool Increases Home Value

Pool increases home value – Factors to consider


Winter conditions will probably need a type of housing around the swimming pool (which will cost you extra money). It will also make maintenance a bit difficult than if you were in a hot climate. Warmer climates will value pools a lot more than cold climates just because of practicality. A pool that can be used more is definitely more valuable.


When you are considering installing a swimming pool in Portland, you should think about the cost since this will greatly impact your home’s value.

For instance, constructing a pool may end up costing 15 – 20 % of what you paid for your home (or more). Uneven soil, altitude, poor quality of land, and more can all result in an increasing expense list if you’re looking to install a pool. Even if all turns out well, any added value to the appraisal of your home will not be comparable to the funds you put into it.

Pool Increases Home Value

You can also find different types of pools you can install, created from different materials and each needing different levels of upkeep. Fiberglass shells are inexpensive but need replacement every decade. The kind of swimming pool can influence the installation cost and the value it adds to your home in Portland.


Finally, where your property is in relation to other homes can be a factor. Some Homeowner Associations may have stern rules when it comes to installing pools. Specific neighborhoods may even lead to the value of your home going down if you install a backyard pool. A home that’s much more expensive than the surrounding properties will deter potential buyers. Also, some people might not like the idea of having the only pool in the area. It costs money to maintain a pool. Most potential buyers will not want to deal with that recurring cost.

Other things to consider

There are some homebuyers who do not want a swimming pool with their home. They might not have swimming experience or have small kids for whom they stress about their safety. Though they do not add any value, above-ground pools swimming pools are simpler to maintain and remove. Features such as the fence can also add value to your Portland home since certain prospects want fenced-in yards.

Pool Increases Home Value

Pool Increases Home value – Conclusion

Got a Portland home with a swimming pool you want to sell now? Work with an expert Premier Pools & Spas of Portland professional who will help you get the most from this costly feature. They will help entice potential buyers who, just like you, wish to live out that dream of cooling off in their own stunning backyard oasis on a sunny summer day. Get in touch with us today!

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