Having a pool in your Las Vegas home makes it a perfect spot to hang out with your friends and family. They are the perfect ways to beat the sizzling Las Vegas, Nevada summer heat. Actually, it will make you look forward to the warm months. Kids, as well, like to splash about in the swimming pools with their friends. You may want to think about the idea of pool installation Las Vegas if your home doesn’t already have it. Owning a swimming pool also adds to your property’s resale value.

Pool Installation Las Vegas

Here are some pool installation Las Vegas guidelines on how to build one:

Hiring a pool builder

You’ll have to consult a professional company or builder that specializes in creating pools. Premier Pools, Las Vegas pool builders will be the best guides and will help you with your decisions with regards to pool installation Las Vegas.

Construction materials

We mostly use gunite to build our pools. Other materials include poured concrete and fiberglass. Another consideration is using stainless steel for pool installation Las Vegas. Though it’s a well-known belief to not use metal to build a swimming pool since it may get oxidized rusted, in reality, it’s actually the opposite. Using stainless steel adds strength and durability to a pool. Look for the right treatment and grade of the stainless steel, since this will help the swimming pool to stay free from the destructive effects of the chemicals added to the pool water.

You might want to put tiles on the walls and floors of the pool. But ensure that the surfaces are continually cleaned since they might develop algae buildup, leading to unhygienic water. You can install lights of different effects and colors to make your backyard pool look appealing even after sunset.

Pool Installation Las Vegas


It’s not an unknown fact that pool installation takes a substantial amount of money. That’s why you should determine the budget. Your builder can do this better. A pool’s budget will depend on the type of swimming pool you want, the materials you’ll be using, its shape, whether you want to install swimming pool accessories such as fancy lights, slides, fountains, etc. Other things to consider for the budget are things such as chemicals for cleaning the water and the pool, water pump, water bill, pool filters, maintenance cost, and the electricity bill, etc.

The Budget of a pool installation Las Vegas will also depend on the specific pool type you intend to construct. Custom inground pools can be a pricey affair. It’s important to seek the help of the best premier Pools & Spas of Las Vegas professionals when deciding these issues.

Safety measures

This is a huge concern, particularly if you have small kids in your family. You should cover the pool using a safety cover when it’s not being used and put safety fences around the pool. Our professionals will make sure that you get a safety demonstration after your pool’s installation.

Pool Installation Las Vegas

Ready for Your Own Dream Pool?

Pool installation is no big deal. You should follow some steps thoroughly to realize your dream pool. With regards to pool installation Las Vegas, it’s important to leave it to the best Premier Pools, Las Vegas pool builder professionals. We have experience and a natural sense of creativity to provide you with just what you want. Our expert pool contractors will help you make the best decisions at the best prices that meet your needs!

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