While most homeowners are thrilled about the idea of installing a pool, they initially don’t know everything that the pool installation process involves. There are lots of planning and concepts and phases that go into building a pool. Pool installation is a good way to enjoy the backyard whether for relaxing, exercising or entertaining friends and family.

A well-designed and constructed pool will transform into the focal point in your outdoor space. One of the important investment decisions you can make in your home is installing a pool. It is important that you seek advice from leading pool builders like Premier Pools & Spas.

pool installation process


Our expert pool designers will work with you to create the very best design for your property. What you’ve always imagined. The pool design is complete! Features include waterfalls, decking, accessories such as a fire pit or fireplace, spa, and landscaping.


After you’re fully satisfied with the design, our professionals get the necessary permits. On the designated date of starting the pool installation process, our team marks the grounds, as well as set the leveling. The digging stage often takes an average of one to two days to finish.


Usually, the following day after digging, it’s time for our steel rebar crew to start the work. This stage will often require a day to complete as well.

Plumbing, electrical and gas

Often, immediately after the installation of steel rebar, our expert team of electricians and plumbers begin installing the gas, electrical and electrical lines, and water lines. This stage often takes an average of five days to finish.

pool installation process


Once we’re done with the plumbing stage, the inspection team starts their work. As soon as they finish, the following day we shoot shotcrete or gunite. This stage often takes one day to finish as well. Our professionals allow for the fresh gunite to cure for an average of seven days.

Coping and tile

As soon as the pool has cured, we begin the coping, after that the tile. Depending on the type of coping you select, this process can take an average of three to five days to finish.


Once we’re done with the coping and tile, our team prepares the deck. Our crew installs the steel rebar, drains, bonding grid and any other conduits. Based on the type of deck you select, deck installation will take an average of two to five days to finish.


As soon as we complete installing the deck, what follows is inspecting the plaster. Then our team continues with the plastering process. This will take one day to finish. Once we finish plastering, the pool is then filled with water. Depending on your pool’s size, the time required to fill the pool will vary.

Finished Pool!

Your dream pool is now open for enjoyment! Within a few weeks, your backyard oasis has gone from the design phase to a finished project. At Premier Pools & Spas, communication is an important part of our business. We take great pride in our work and ability to finish projects on budget and on time.

pool installation process

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