What’s the Inground Pool Installation Process Like?Peppermill 1.0

Pool Construction can be a bit riveting, having a giant hole in your backyard and all. These Pool constructors know what to do and can get the job done fast, so you’ll be able to dive right in.

A normal installation process can take up to two weeks, though there is always room for improvement. The Premier Pool builders can take from or add onto that time frame depending on the conditions of your backyard, how busy the constructors are and whether the building permit passes inspection.


If there is extra installation involved, such as stone decking, retaining walls, tile, etc., the installation process may take longer and the process can’t be rushed if you want quality in the work you’ve asked the contractors to do.

The 8 key Steps of a Pool Installation Are:

  1. Receiving approvals and permits
  2. The big dig – Excavation
  3. Installation of walls and braces
  4. Pouring of the concrete bond beam and pool floor
  5. Installation of plumbing and electrical
  6. Installation of vinyl liner and coping
  7. Pouring the concrete deck
  8. Finishing the area with landscaping and decking as you have selected

You also want a stress free installation process, which means a good relationship with your contractor, Premier Pools builders can get the job done and stress free!

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