Premier Answers Pool Installation Questions!

Premier Pools & Spas is a pool building company that has built over 60,000 swimming pools in the last 30 years. Premier is the largest pool building company, and just started their own service industry in 2018. We get asked questions constantly, and our newest branch in Treasure Coast, Florida, answered the most common pool installation questions.

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What is in the Pool Building Process

First things first, you have to get in contact with a responsible pool building company and come up with a swimming pool design. Before the process even starts, the pool building company has to have all the permits in place to build. Receiving all the right permits can take up to 3 weeks, but once the paper is in order the excavation process can begin. Now, depending on the size of your swimming pool determines the amount of time it will take to dig. With a standard swimming pool this can take up to 4-6 hours; however, we have built swimming pools in Treasure Coast that took 12-16 hours to dig.

After the excavation process is completed, the crew moves onto re-barb and form boards. They also will install plumbing and assuming this all runs smoothly they will lay down gunite or shotcrete. This is a cement mixture that will hold everything in place. You will start to notice your swimming pool taking shape at this point, and the pool building crew will start to install all of the additional features you chose to incorporate into your swimming pool. Once the plaster is sprayed onto your swimming pool, then it has to cure underwater. This is when you will know that your swimming pool is close to completion. Pool installation typically takes 12-14 weeks until your swimming pool is complete.

Pool Installation Questions Answered! 2

Pool Installation Questions

What are the benefits between saltwater and freshwater pools? 

Salt water is inexpensive to install into a swimming pool system, and it will pay for itself because you won’t be buying chlorine products. A salt water pool won’t be as salty as the ocean. It is more of a water softer, and a way to keep your swimming pool clean.

What deck options are available?

Premier Pools & Spas mainly uses a concrete decking finish, but there are alternative options. One of these options could be traverntine tile, or even flagstone. To use the alternative tile can add on as an expense, but we like to suggest the best option that will best flow with the theme of your swimming pool.

What are the latest pool pump and filter improvements?

Premier Pools & Spas recommends an energy efficient pool pump and filtering system. Even though it is more costly in the beginning, it will pay for itself.  Here is one of the best energy saving programs, iAquaLink Control Systems can reduce energy usage, operating costs, and chemical needs. This premium automation system provides complete control with innovative features including temperature maintenance, personalized labeling, automatic dusk activation, and Watercolors and Aqua Pure exclusive interfaces.

What are the most popular addition features?

Everyone loves a spa to relax in when they have had a tough day at work. Water features are the second most popular design, whether it’s a sheer waterfall, or a waterfall running down rocks. Fire features and grottos are also quite popular. Recently people have been adding infinity edges to their swimming pools as well, especially if you have an amazing view to look out to.

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The Best Times to Build a Pool

When is the best time to build a swimming pool you ask? Well us professionals at Premier Pools & Spas have an answer. Typically, you want to be organized and plan ahead. So imagine you are planning the trips you want to take your family on for the following year. Trips are starting to get more and more expensive. This is when the light bulb goes off in your head. Pool installation in the fall or winter months has its advantages. If you want to utilize every second of summer vacation then you would build your swimming pool in the fall. When you build your backyard oasis in the fall then it will be complete by the time it warms up. Additionally, there will be less of a demand to build a swimming pool in the winter; therefore, the cost to build a swimming pool will go down. Most homeowners think that because it is cold outside that means so are swimming pool companies, but this accusation is false. Premier Pools & Spas builds swimming pools all year round, and some of our locations don’t have distinct seasons so it is warm all year round.

Contact Premier Pools & Spas new office in Treasure Coast, FL. If you want to become a franchise, you can find out how on the main website. 

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