Paul and Brian Porter, the Pool Kings, take on a Backyard Resort Style Pool in Georgia!

The Pool Kings, took on an over the top pool with a lazy river in Georgia. Susie Parrish and her son Kyle contacted the Pool Kings and Premier Pools & Spas of North Georgia to achieve building a dream pool for 3 generations of their family. Paul and Brian are determined to make create the pool they’ve been dreaming of by building them their very own Georgia Peach Pool Paradise.

“If you can dream it, we can build it!” – Pool Kings

Pool Kings- Georgia Peach Pool Paradise 1
What Did the Pool Kings Design?

The Parrish’s, requested a big resort style pool including a beach entry. Their property offered 100 acres to work with and the Pool Kings wasted no time in letting their imaginations run wild. The design resulted in over 2,000 sq ft pool with a beach entry. The beach entry would include lounge chairs and bubblers. They incorporated a lazy river for the kids to play in. The lazy river would push 2500 gallons of water per minute. “It’s like a water park in my backyard, that sounds great!” Susie exclaimed. The lazy river would surround a private island complete with a super sized spa. At the end of the lazy river there would be a grotto with 2 waterfalls, an 8 ft slide, and a fire at the top sitting in between the waterfalls. Paul said ” We need to build a bridge over your lazy river that way you can access your private island.” Paul then suggested they add water features to either side of the bridge “That way when you’re riding along the lazy river, you go under the bridge and get splashed”. Susie loves the idea and then Brian explains the last incorporation to the design. A gorgeous outdoor kitchen created off to the left of the pool with a full barbecue.

Pool Kings- Georgia Peach Pool Paradise 2

What The Excavation Process Was Like

After the plans are approved, the Pool Kings dive right into the project. Paul informs us that a regular sized swimming pool normally takes up to 4-6 hours to excavate, but the Parrish’s pool is going to take 12-16 hrs to excavate. In the middle of excavating, they hit shell, which is a tough rock and won’t break with a small excavating tractor. “Guys, this tractor is too small, we’re going to need a bigger one.”  Scott Walk, the owner of the Premier Pools & Spas of Georgia branch, says. Now the team has to improvise, Kyle Parrish reminds the Pool Kings that he owns an excavation company and can provide the Pool Kings with the equipment they need. Kyle’s excavator is twice the size of the one the Pool Kings brought along, so it digs up the hard shell material easily.

Pool Kings- Georgia Peach Pool Paradise 3

See the Georgia Peach Pool Paradise Reveal!

Next, they added the gunite and waited for it to cure, before moving onto the volcano grotto and slide. To create a more natural look, the builders hand sculpted rock panels that were then added onto the top of the grotto. Susie was then asked to pick the color tile she wanted around the swimming pool, and she also asked Paul if she could add a special addition to her swimming pool. Susie wanted to have custom tiles made to resemble the Parrish “P” and put it at the bottom of the swimming pool, which Paul says wouldn’t be a problem to achieve! After installing plaster they only needed to add a few final finishing touches to the Georgia Peach Pool Paradise. Except one thing slows down the workers, and that is snow. Mother nature impacted them and froze the ground. Waiting for it to warm up, they test all the fire features.

After 12 weeks of hard work, the Parrish’s are revealed their new Georgia Peach Pool Paradise. “It’s gorgeous! Absolutely amazing!” Susie says in awe. They finally had an outdoor oasis for big family gatherings they’ve always dreamed of. Another successful project for the Pool Kings and yet another happy Premier Pools & Spas customer!

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