The Pool Kings Transform the Solliday’s Backyard into a Resort!

Paul and Brian take a half demolished backyard and turn it into a beautiful pool with a view that blends perfectly with the Solliday’s backyard! Their goal when creating the pool designs is to keep the yard as open as possible, so the family doesn’t miss out on the spectacular view they have from their backyard.

Pool Kings Season 7 – Episode 5 – A Pool With A View Teaser 4 from Premier Pools & Spas on Vimeo.

Pool Kings: A Pool with a View 1

Backyard Oasis Design

Julie and Tony Solliday live in southern California, with their two kids and chocolate lab. They wanted to create a backyard paradise on their own, but it didn’t work out as planned. With a half demolished backyard, they called the Pool Kings to take the project, a pool with a view, over. “We need professional help from the Pool Kings.” Julie said. With Paul and Brian to the rescue, they show the Solliday’s the plan they have for their backyard. Starting with a California room Brian wants to push the built-in-barbecue off to the side keeping the view in sight. The California room will act as an extended living room with a fire place and fold away doors, and on top of the California room will be the a viewing deck. At the back of the yard they’ll put in a sunken fire pit, making sure not to block the beautiful view they have. The swimming pool will be deep enough that the kids can jump in, and it will be equipped with a bubbler lounge area, split into a spa. “Is that our backyard?” Julie exclaims “Well, that could be your backyard.” Brian states.

Pool Kings: A Pool with a View 2Construction Begins!

The first day that Paul and Brian are scheduled to work on the Solliday’s backyard, mother nature takes over and pours over southern California. After the next few days of excavating, it takes them longer because they have to dig with small tractors that transfer the dirt to bigger tractors which then is taken to the dump trunk. The next step is re-barb and shotcrete, to keep everything in place. Pool Kings decided to do the coping of the Solliday’s swimming pool by hand. Coping is what outlines the swimming pool, doing this by hand makes everything look more natural. “Coping the outline of the pool is really going to make it pop.” Reed Hartzog, the owner of Premier Pools & Spas of Orange County, says. Focusing on the California room, the construction workers have to remove the existing deck that is attached to the Solliday’s house. Around the seventh week of construction, the rain is back and delays everyone from working on the project. “What’s different about this California room is that we have to engineer the deck with thicker plywood. We’re essentially building the second floor to the building.”  Paul informs the crew. Filling lava rock and glass into the fire pit and plastering the swimming pool with a dark blue plaster, the finishing touches are being added to the Solliday’s swimming pool. There are plants/greenery added to the sides of the swimming pool, but plants that won’t grow too high so they won’t block the view. They also add a set of stairs to the side of the house to give access to the the viewing deck.

Pool Kings: A Pool with a View 3

Week 12; The Reveal

The final week of pool construction is here; additionally, Paul and Brian are excited to show the Solliday’s their new backyard! “Are you kidding me, I’m speechless.” Tony says “You crushed it!” the Solliday’s daughter shouts. Paul notes on the detail of the glass tile along the outside of the swimming pool, and the four sided infinity edge that was added to the split spa and lounge area. “This is like a high-end resort in our backyard.” Julie says joyfully.

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