There is nothing more pleasing than an entire day at the pool. To give your pool a complete makeover and convert it into a relaxing oasis, all you need the best landscape ideas. A balance of creativity and functionality can convert your pool into a refreshing zone. Here are some really awesome pool landscape ideas that will surely give your backyard a gorgeous appeal.

pool landscape ideas

Beauty and low maintenance

Planting different varieties of plants alongside low-water landscaping is a great way to add charming appeal to your backyard. It is a perfect solution for a potentially dry, rocky, and rustic setting. It creates a Mediterranean-style courtyard that involves low-maintenance and requires less water.

pool landscape ideas

Lavish oasis

Add a zing of romance and give your backyard a much softer look by decorating your landscape with plants. Enhance the natural charm of this splendid poolscape by installing your favorite tropical plants, creepers, and flowers. Fill in the corners and crevices around the border to get the desired elegant style.


A beautiful container adds a rich color splash to your contemporary pool design. Complement the modern patio design and lush lawn with lovely flowers. Make sure you incorporate a high-impact plant with a long height, a spiller in the form of creeping plant, and a filler with a plant of medium height.

pool landscape ideas

Tropical beauty

A blend of low-leveled rectangular planters, different sizes,and shapes of containers, earthen hardscape, and attractive lawn pavers together create a relaxing, cool ambiance. If you live in an area where the climatic condition favors this look, consider planting palm and banana trees too.

Green and clean

Clean and simple lines lend a way to achieve a flawless is one of the best landscape ideas around pool. Try to keep it as simple as you can without compromising on its quality. You don’t have to elaborate your landscape design as maintaining high-quality will make it look sophisticated and feel luxurious.

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