If you’re fortunate enough to have a pool in your own Gulf Coast home, you can use it as the primary center of interest of your pool landscaping project. With some creativity, you can create ways to make your swimming pool the heart of your own luxurious spa, right on your doorstep. You can also transform the entire area by adding simple pool lights.

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A great pool landscaping design works with both man-made and natural materials. This helps to generate a balanced aesthetic, which is welcoming to the eye and appropriate for everyday use. Man-made elements of the landscaping might include a fire pit, dining space, or even rock walls, while natural elements include rocks, sand, and plants.

Here are some tips for your pool landscaping to make sure you create something stunning:

Keep it simplistic

Simplistic designs let you save time and money that you can use to beautify other elements of your backyard. A minimalist strategy also lets you make easy customization to your swimming pool landscape throughout the year to keep the view rejuvenating.

Beautify your pool with plants

While you may beautify your poolside with something such as cherry trees, have you considered how to clean the petals and ensure they do not clog up the pipes? It can be challenging to use plants in pool landscaping. So it is often wise to avoid using plants that shed petals and leaves a lot since it will only make cleaning difficult. Homeowners who are searching for low maintenance swimming pool flora usually prefer evergreen trees or shrubs.

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Setting your furniture

How you decorate items and position furniture around your swimming pool has a huge effect on the area’s overall feel and look. So, use care when placing each piece. You can accessorize using soft furnishings, planting, sculptures and even lighting to make the pool area much more inviting.

Blend natural and man-made elements

Unless you want a stylish contemporary look for your poolside having a grill and bar, it is good to blend your pool landscaping elements in such a way that the natural elements complement the man-made ones. An important part of this will involve considering how you place your features. If you are working with wooden stumps and rocks in the landscaping, for instance, place them in an all natural organic way than carelessly. You can minimize maintenance costs and efforts by correct positioning of the materials and elements.


You can transform a regular backyard pool into something stunning with the right lighting. Ensure you use lighting and colors that resonate with the design’s theme. This helps to give a calm and relaxing ambiance at night. You can also use mini lights between the bushes and plants to give off a soothing vibe to your poolside. Think of elements such as direction, size, color, and brightness with regards to selecting and positioning lights to create an effect.

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Designing your pool landscaping

Are you feeling like giving your Gulf Coast pool a makeover? Call up Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast for today for a free consultation. Our professional landscapers have years of expertise in pool landscaping in Gulf Coast. We would gladly help you get the backyard of your dreams.

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