There are many things you should consider when you’re planning the landscape around your Dallas backyard pool. You want pool landscaping plants that will not drop debris into the pool water, causing the filter to clog. You require plants that will put up with direct sunlight. The reason being, your pool is most likely in a sunny section of your outdoor space and the pool’s water will reflect much more sun onto the plants.

pool landscaping plants

You need pool landscaping plants that will add beauty to your pool’s serenity. And you probably want the plants to provide privacy around your backyard oasis.

Here are Pool Landscaping Plants to Put around Your Pool to add a Bit of Beauty and Privacy.

1. Palm Trees

Who does not like the sight of a crystal clear pool set against a background of swaying palms? For Dallas pool landscaping, these are the best option as they are cold resilient. This means they can withstand the unpredictable winter conditions in Dallas, like Mediterranean Fan Palms and Pindo Palm Trees.

2. Fortnight Lily

This plant requires a lot of sunshine and can grow up to a height of 2 feet with flowers that are blue, white, or yellow.

3. Yucca

This plant will not care how hot your pool area gets. Yucca requires minimal maintenance and will not wilt if pool water splashes on it.

4. Succulents

These pool landscaping plants are great for your landscape. Succulents are resilient, low lying plants that are versatile in any style and color and work in beds and pots. A common choice is Jade, which does extremely well when left alone and is simple to grow. Another choice is aloe vera, which is great for pots or spaces that get shade during the hot summer days.

pool landscaping plants

5. Papyrus

These plants love wet surroundings and grow tall enough to help offer privacy. Papyrus can add an exotic, lush feel to your Dallas pool area, particularly if the pool has a natural water feature.

6. Passion Vine

Passion vine can grow up to a height of 20 feet in a year, making it a pretty fast way to add lots of green to the pool area. They are also over 400 species available, which means you will find your preferred choice easily.

These are good for in pots positioned around the pool deck or planting in the ground. These pool landscaping plants look great year-round. They also add a calming touch to the pool landscape whenever there is a breeze. Common examples of ornamental grasses are Fountain Grass and Mexican Feather Grass.

7. Trumpet Vine

A natural way to help blend buildings, fences, and other structures of your pool area is by using vines. Trumpet vines are a lovely option that can draw butterflies and hummingbirds to your pool area.

8. Geraniums

Not only do these pool landscaping plants naturally keep away mosquitoes, but they are also available in a range of bright, beautiful shades. Geraniums are also likely to last throughout almost all the seasons. The hybrids grow fast, so you will not need to wait long for a beautiful yard.

pool landscaping plants

Need to Enhance Your Landscape? Contact Premier Pools & Spas!

By combining several types of pool landscaping plants around your outdoor living space, you can create a stunning landscape. This area will entertain your guests and make your backyard oasis feel like paradise. At Premier Pools & Spas of Dallas, we have been assisting homeowners to choose the right landscape design for many years. We can help you spruce up your pool area, as well!

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