While swimming in a pool in the sunshine in SW Louisiana is undoubtedly good, nothing is better than a nighttime swim after a tiring day at work. Once you have installed your pool lights, darkness won’t creep up on your backyard oasis. We at Premier Pools & Spas of SW Louisiana do pool light replacement along with pool lighting installation. This means you will definitely find what you want to keep your backyard pool beautifully lighted.

pool light replacement

Pool light replacement lets you remove your whole light and replace the entire unit with a new one. As the lights spend their lives submerged in harsh conditions replacing the unit is usually the best option than repairing the fixture.

Steps to Help you with Pool Light Replacement:

Turn Off the Power:

Keep in mind, you’ll be in contact with wires when changing a light bulb, and you will most likely be standing in or touching the pool water. Before doing anything with any of the pool lights, inspect to ensure there’s no power at all reaching the pool area.

Removing the Light’s Pilot Screw:

It’s usually located at the light’s top part. The screw kinds vary, so you will require a screwdriver to remove it.

Pry Out the Fixture:

Once you remove the screw, you should carefully pry out the pool light from its fixture. Generally, you will find you’ve got lots of additional wire to help you to remove the fixture.

Testing the Wiring:

Ensure there’s no electricity running through the wires by testing with a multimeter.

square pool designs

Dismantle the Fixture:

Take out the clamps or screws holding the fixture together, and then dismantle the lens, face ring, and the lens gasket to help you reach the bulb. It is likely that some or all these parts might have rusted! So take care when dismantling them, and make sure that you don’t do it over the pool water so no dust and debris will fall in. You can use a dry towel to wipe away any foreign matter.

Remove the Worn-Out Fixture:

Hold the bulb with a towel, and very slowly, cautiously unscrew it. As soon as it is out, dry and clean up the inside of the light bulb using a towel.

Install the New Light Fixture:

You can screw in the pool light replacement bulb carefully and slowly. Ensure it is tight; however, take care not to tighten it excessively.

Light Testing:

Before replacing the light fixture in your pool wall, switch on the power, and ensure the light comes on.

Look for Leaks:

Submerge the light fixture and ensure no air will escape from the light’s sealed outer edges. In case you see notice air bubbles, remove it from the water, and dismantle it, dry it inside, and reassemble it. Then test it once more, until there are no air bubbles visible.

Replace the Light in your Pool Wall:

You should push the excess cabling back into the pool wall and gently put the bulb back into position.

Turn on the Power:

Inspect one last time to ensure the pool light replacement fixture comes on!

pool light replacement

Ready to Light Up Your Pool in SW Louisiana?

Our Premier Pools & Spas team in SW Louisiana is not only one of the top pool contractors in the industry, but they are also expert pool designers too. Let’s design the ideal pool lighting solution for your pool today!

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