Pool Lighting can add that flair your looking for!

Premier Pools & Spas is all about building the custom pool that’s right for you. So, when you are deciding on things like design and décor, you should consider the pool features we have to offer.

pool lighting is so beautiful at night

One of our best features is our many types of pool lighting. It really brightens our days and nights (mostly nights). We offer incandescent halogen pool lighting, luminescent fiber optics, and vibrant LED lights. Whether you want a gentle white glow, or striking colors, we can help you find what you’re looking for.

Premier Pools & Spas proudly sells a variety of Eco Radiance LED lights, in an array of colors that allow your imagination to transport you somewhere magical. Perhaps a trip to the bright blue oceans of the Caribbean? Or maybe floating on a bed of pink rose petals? We have numerous options for you to choose from, so allow us to help you customize your swimming pool!

Pool lighting is great because it can add hours of fun to your day. The lighting means waning daylight can’t put an end to your splashing in the swimming pool. So go out for a midnight swim if you want. Maybe watch the sunset from the comfort of your pool? The sun is no longer the limit on fun times in your pool.

Contact our team of expert swimming pool designers at Premier Pools & Spas today, to find out how we can light up your life!

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