Pool Maintenance is important if you want to keep your swimming pool healthy and free of germs.

Swimming pools are a great place for recreation and enjoyment.  It ensures that we are never away from nature and also enables us to enjoy summers without having to step out of the house. It is a great asset!

Here are few pool maintenance tips to ensure your swimming pool remains tidy and beautiful all the time:

Keep Chlorine Handypool maintenance tips

For any spots which refuse to fade easily, keep chlorine and a discarded piece of cloth ready. Clean the spots with chlorine and the swimming pool shall be always free of any unwanted spots. Make sure that chlorine is not used in excess otherwise it can lead to discoloration as well.

Chlorine is a disinfectant. It has properties to absorb all the dirt in one swipe.  You can try this once a week for best results.

Filter Pipes Should be Neat & Free of Dirt

Filter pipes have most of the dirt. They absorb all the impurities to ensure the pool water is clean. Hence, the cleanliness of the pool is directly related to the cleanliness of filter pipes. Blocked filter pipes will never allow the swimming pool to remain clean.

You need to choose backwashing and hold on until the filter pipe throws clean water. This must be done once a month to avoid any complications. Filter pipe cleanliness is the most basic and most important ritual of swimming pool maintenance essentials.

pool maintenance tips

Filter Pipes Should Not Run All the Time

The pipes can run up to seven to eight hours in a day. This cleans the water present inside the pool.

Running it for 24 hours will not solve any purpose. It will, in fact, reduce the quality of filtration due to excessive usage.

You can also call experts to check the level of chemicals and the quality of filter pipes of your swimming pool. This will save on a lot of time, and the experts will give you the right estimation of the maintenance costs.

Regularly Check the Quality of Water

Pool water needs to be checked for the presence of few chemicals like Calcium, Chlorine, and Cyanuric Acid.

The pH level or acidic-alkaline balance needs to be checked so that there are no adverse effects on the skin. You can do so by testing the pool water once in a week.

Play Tennis & Have Fun

Tennis is all about speed and Tennis balls serve another purpose as well. Leave them inside the pool and the pool will not have any lotion leftovers.

The fiber of a Tennis ball absorbs all the oil and lotion pigments. Due to this, lubrications are not left in the pool water and it will give the much-needed hygiene effortlessly.

Don’t Leave the Basics

Regular mopping of the floor around the swimming pool area will not only keep it free of slippery floor, but will also ensure that the dirt does not accumulate and cause the pool sides to wither off early. It should be a regular activity.

The Net Solves All the Purpose

The net, which has a long handle and resembles a fishing net, is a must have if you have a swimming pool at home.

It takes care of all the dirt floating on the surface of the pool, helps in filtering unwanted algae and particles, and also ensures that there is no debris left inside.

pool maintenance tips

Water Level Should Be Balanced

The water evaporates quickly in the Sun, so you need to take care that water is never too less or never overflowing. Water depletion would lead to corrosion of pool interiors. An overflow of water will make your pool look unorganized and shabby. Apart from all these, take care of the quality of tiles regularly. The older the tile the higher is the risk to hygiene. Cleaning the swimming pool using the best swimming pool cleaning services will ensure that the pool stays swanky and hygienic.

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